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21st birthday cake

Here's a 21st Birthday Cake that doesn't take itself too seriously! It’s a novelty Beer Mug Cake with a sense of humor that your guests will remember.

Sure, turning 21 is a big deal but you don’t want to get too serious about it.

The most surprising thing about this super fun cake is the very realistic meringue beer foam. It's an easy technique that opens up tons of great decorating possibilities. check out the ice-cream cone cupcakes or the donut cake for more inventive uses of meringue.

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21st birthday cake - beer mug cake

Meringue ‘foam’ for the top of the beer mug – make this the night before

To make the meringue foam :

Cooks Note: You will have a lot of extra meringue – just pipe yourself some cookies and bake them at the same time as the ‘foam’. Yum!

you’ll Also Need

21st birthday cake - beer mug cake

Decorator’s Note: I’m listing exactly the colors and techniques I used for the 21st Birthday Cake as pictured, to demonstrate a technique rather than an exact blueprint. You can adapt this design to suit any occasion so adjust the colors accordingly.
Decorator’s Note: Try to color match your buttercream and candy melts. If you use candy colors for both jobs, this is much easier.


21st birthday cake - beer mug cake

Shield Decoration

21st birthday cake - beer mug cake

Decorator’s Note: This is a great technique that has endless possibilities. It’s perfect for sporting team logos, corporate logos or family crests as well as intricate patterns. It’s a much easier way to add detail that trying to pipe directly on to the cake and it adds more dimension that traditional piping techniques! Please don’t feel intimidated – if you want to keep this design super easy just pipe some free form swirls on the side of your cup with your frosting and skip the chocolate background. You’ll still have a fantastic finished cake.

Mug Handle

21st birthday cake - beer mug cake


21st birthday cake - beer mug cake

Your 21st Birthday Cake is done! Now go get a well deserved cup of coffee and sit back for a few minutes to admire your handiwork. Remember to take a picture while your masterpiece still looks perfect.

let's throw a 21st birthday party

Got a great 21st Birthday Cake? Check. Now all you need to complete your party theme is co-ordinating party supplies.

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