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Too Nice To Slice, #008 -- A Tasy April Fools Treat
March 27, 2009

Easy Cake Ideas Newsletter, Issue #008 -- A Tasy April Fools Treat...

March 27th, 2009

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Really Ready For Spring Break.

I love this time of year. At last there are a few spring-like days that hold the promise of warmer days ahead. I've even dusted off the bicycle that's seen very little action over the winter and I'm ready to ride!

I don't know about your kids, but as much as my munchkins like school, they are definitely ready for spring break. A big part of spring break at our house is trying to plot a really cool April Fools Day trick to play on Daddy, who is the master jokester and very hard to fool.

Read on for a really tasty trick you can play on someone you love...

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Trick Someone With This Tasty April Fools Day Treat!

april fools cake

Why not serve up this tricky cake idea for dinner on April 1st?

It's a meatloaf disguised as a cake that'll fool just about anyone. Tell your family you've decided that tonight you're having dessert first and then watch the

Here's how:

1.Use your favorite meatloaf recipe (or nut loaf for a vegetarian friendly version) and bake using three round cake pans.

2.Trim the meatloaf 'cake layers' level and stack, filling between each one with slightly mashed peas.

3.Frost the entire 'cake' with extra smooth mashed potato.

4.Decorate with bacon sprinkles on the sides, like this one, or crushed French's Onions. You could also decorate on top with halved cherry tomatoes or dried cranberries....the only limit is your imagination!

What's New At Easy Cake Ideas?

More Video Tutorials

Wow! The new techniques & tutorials section of the website is even more popular than I expected.

New tutorials added this month:

  • "How to make a fondant bow".
    Fondant bows are one of the most popular decorations ever. Perfect for adding a little girliness to any design.
    see how to make one
  • "Splitting cake layers".
    Also known as torting, this is what allows you to create level, even layers so you've got somewhere to put all that fabulous cake filling you've just made.
    Go see the video now
  • "Crumb coating a cake".
    What's a crumb coat and why do I need one? Well, if you've ever tried frosting a cake and had crumbs mix in and spoil all your hard work, you'll really appreciate this simple technique.
    See how easy it really is

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The questions have been pouring in this month from all over the place.

Here are some of the most recent:

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See you there!

New Cakes This Month

All these amazing cakes have been submitted by our talented visitors. Want to be part of the fun? Great!

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Check out these great new additions:

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