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Too Nice To Slice, #006 -- Winner Of The Best Kids Birthday Cake Contest
November 06, 2008

Easy Cake Ideas Newsletter, Issue #006 -- Winner Of The Kids Birthday Cake Contest...

November 6th, 2008

This monthly newsletter is brought to you from the Easy Cake Ideas website. Each issue brings you up to date with fabulous new cake additions, contests, tutorials, reader questions, decorating tips & tricks and our featured 'cake diva @ home'. Together we'll unleash your inner 'cake diva'...

Best Kids Birthday Cake Contest Winners...

We received lots of great entries for our best kids birthday cake cake contest! I just want to say "thank you" to each and every one of you who entered. Seeing all your amazing ideas and reading how they came to life was such a pleasure. It was a very difficult choosing a winner so I recruited some professional help for the task. I would like to thank the 1st grade class of our local elementary school who voted for their favorite cake to decide the contest. Who better to judge a kids birthday cake contest than kids?

On to the winners....

1st Place Spider Cake by Karen Lindsay

Special Mention Princess Birthday Cake by Darrah Crawford

Special Mention Fire Engine Birthday Cake by Jennifer Leonard

What's New At Easy Cake Ideas?

dog birthday cakeNow a whole new generation can fall in love with Snoopy and the Peanuts gang. Invite this little Snoopy cake to your next birthday party.

flower fairy birthday cake This beautiful fairy birthday cake was submitted by one of our super talented readers, Andrea, in the UK. This will be a favorite of many little girls.

beach birthday cake Check out this beach birthday cake, sent in by lovecake (New York). The technique she uses for modeling with candy is a must see

Check our "What's New" page for more new articles and inspiration! The "What's New" page points you to all the newest cake projects, tips and techniques the moment they're added so you don't miss a thing!

There's new ideas bubbling up around here all the time.

Reader Questions

Here are just some of the questions we've received in the mailbag this month:

Make sure you read the December issue of the newsletter for some exciting news about getting your questions answered!

Q:Have you ever made any "Muppets" themed cakes? I am thinking I could use the Nemo/ice cream scoop idea and make a Kermit on top...any ideas would be helpful. I have never made a themed cake before!.....thanks, Dova

A:Kermit would be really easy to make using the cake/ice-cream scoop technique like the one used to make the Nemo cake. It's a very easy way to create tons of great edible cake toppers. You could also try the ice-cream cone technique like the one used for this poodle cake.


Q: I need ideas for my daughter's birthday cake, it's a cowgirl theme. I'm tired of the same white cake with strawberry filling. I want something original and easy to make. What do you suggest?...Thanks, Karina.

A:My two all-time favorite cakes to make (and my most requested by far) are:

1. Lemon-Ginger Pound Cake - this is fabulous! Lemon and ginger are a match made in heaven. It's super easy with our step-by-step instructions.

2. Choc Chip Pound Cake - not just for the kids. Try this one with Cookies & Cream filling for a real treat.

Both of the recipes can be found here. Just scroll down after the basic recipe to "Choc Chip" and "Lemon Ginger".

I would recommend the Gingernut Crunch or Whipped Lemon Mousse fillings for the Lemon Ginger pound cake and Cookies & Cream filling for the Choc Chip Pound cake. You'll find the links within the recipe variations.

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Feel free to send in tips or questions too! We love mail!



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