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Too Nice To Slice, #012 -- Fabulous Halloween Cake Ideas!
October 06, 2009

Too Nice To Slice Newsletter, Issue #011 -- Fabulous Halloween Cake Ideas.

October 6th, 2009

This newsletter is brought to you from the Easy Cake Ideas website. Each issue brings you up to date with fabulous new cake additions, contests, tutorials, reader questions, decorating tips & tricks and more. Together we'll unleash your inner 'cake diva'...

Brrr...There's a Chill In The Air.

My kids have been marveling at the plumes of steam they can create simply by huffing at each other while waiting for the school bus each morning, out the front of our house.

There's definitely a chill in the air and since the trees are all sporting coats of red, gold and bronze, it can only mean one thing...Fall is here!

And that means Halloween is just around the corner, which means there's lots of Halloween parties in the planning stages right now. In this issue you'll find lots of super easy and fun Halloween cake ideas.

And check out the Halloween party ideas too!

Happy Halloween to all my wonderful readers. I hope you have a scary good time on the 31st, whatever your plans are.

Best regards,


New cakes this month:

These are just some of the great new cakes added this month:

halloween cake ideas - ghostly cupcakesBoo! These ghostly Halloween cupcakes are so easy to make you can scare them up in no time.

halloween cake ideas - tombstone cupcakesYou'll "Rest In Peace" when you see how easy these Halloween cupcakes are.

halloween cake ideas - graveyard cakeOoooh! This Graveyard Cake is a little bit haunted and a lot of fun to make.

halloween cake ideas - ghostly cupcakesAn Enchanted Tree Cake that's perfect for the kids.

Check our "What's New" page for more new articles and inspiration! The "What's New" page points you to all the newest cake projects, tips and techniques the moment they're added so you don't miss a thing!

There's new ideas bubbling up around here all the time.

Halloween Party Ideas

If ever there's a time to go overboard on your decorations, food and dress-ups, it's Halloween.

Try some of these great ideas for invitations, food and decorations for your upcoming Halloween party:

1. Line the front path of your house with headstones created from Styrofoam. You can always get this for free from your local appliance store. Paint it grey, let dry then sponge on a little black and white to create a Granite effect. Add some spook by naming some of your guests on the headstones.

2. Add a group of these 3' high ghosts to your front yard or porch.

3. Black out your entire party room to add instant spooky atmosphere.

4. Serve up a buffet of scary treats like a skull prop draped in sliced ham or smoked salmon, a body-shaped meatloaf swimming in blood red sauce, witches fingers - finger shaped cookies topped with almond 'fingernails' and drizzled in red-tinted corn syrup 'blood', white chocolate dipped rice krispie 'eyeballs' complete with red veins drawn in food color and served in a bowl spattered with red-tinted corn syrup 'blood'.

Find tons more great ideas for your Halloween party at

Wear Your Cake And Eat It Too.

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Introducing "Cakelover" by easy cake ideas, a fabulous collection of witty, wearable tees, totes and bakewear that tell it how it really is...

  • "nothing great was ever achieved without cake"
  • "love: a temporary insanity curable with cake"
  • "No matter the question, cake is the answer"

Tons of other great designs available in the store.

You've Got Questions...We've Got Answers!

If there's a cake related question that's been bugging you, check for answers in the "Ask A Cake Question" area. If no-one has asked that question yet, post your question and you'll become part of this great free resource.

The questions have been pouring in this month from all over the place.

Here are some of the most recent:

1. I need a good cake idea for a breast cancer awareness bake sale.

2. How do I use cake dowels to support tiers?

3. How do I store a cake that uses both fondant and buttercream?

Don't be shy. Come on over and join the conversation. Everyone's welcome to contribute the knowledge pool.

See you there!

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