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Too Nice To Slice, #005 -- A New Twist On Pumpkin Carving!
October 01, 2008

Easy Cake Ideas Newsletter, Issue #005 -- A New Twist On Pumpkin Carving!

October 1, 2008

This monthly newsletter is brought to you from the Easy Cake Ideas website. Each issue brings you up to date with fabulous new cake additions, contests, tutorials, reader questions, decorating tips & tricks and our featured 'cake diva @ home'. Together we'll unleash your inner 'cake diva'...

What's in This Issue?

  • What's New at Easy Cake Ideas - New Cakes
  • Tell us what YOU want?
  • Calling all cake divas - Cake Contest Alert!!!
  • YOUR questions answered.

New Cakes

jack o lantern cake We've added a fabulously easy Jack O Lantern cake to scare you up lots of compliments this Halloween. A fun new twist on the pumpkin carving tradition!

power rangers cake Here is a gravity defying Power Rangers cake to rescue any birthday party from the doldrums.

pig cake This little Pig Cake deserves a starring role at your next party. Fans of 'Olivia the Pig' will be thrilled.

Check our "What's New" page for more new articles and inspiration! The "What's New" page points you to all the newest cake projects, tips and techniques the moment they're added so you don't miss a thing!

There's new ideas bubbling up around here all the time.

Tell us what YOU want?

This is your chance to speak up! We want the website and your newsletter to be exactly what YOU want, so don't be shy.

  • What kinds of new articles would you like to see?
  • What kinds of decorating techniques interest you?
  • What kind of contest would YOU enter?

Tell us what YOU want to see and we'll get to work!

Calling All Cake Divas - Cake Contest Alert!

Want to see your name in lights? Of course you do! Well, now's your big chance.

We're holding our first ever cake contest here at and the winner will be featured for a full month right on the home page of the site!

That means your crafty cake creations will be seen by tens of thousands of visitors from all over the world...pretty heady stuff!

Also, you'll have your very own dedicated page on the site that will stay 'live' even after the contest has ended so you can send your link to everyone you know and let them see how clever you are!

This month we're looking for the best Kids Birthday Cake. As long as you made it yourself and it has a theme, it's eligible to enter.

All we need is a clear photo of your cake and a write up to accompany the photo. Tell us what the occasion was, how you made your masterpiece and any tips or tricks you can share with other Easy Cake Ideas visitors that will make it easy for them to re-create the cake at home. Around 150 words is good.

The winner will be decided based on creativity and originality.

So don't be shy girls (and guys). Play show and tell with the rest of us, pretty please! Enter here.

Your Questions Answered

Here are just some of the questions we've received in the mailbag this month:

Q: Hi Michelle,

My question is this: I made the basic buttercream filling...I wanted to do the chocolate hazelnut however, I did not have nutella at hand. I did get it the next day and put my prepared buttercream in the refrigerator, now how do I defrost the buttercream so I can mix my nutella to make the chocolate hazelnut buttercream? Please help.



A: Hi Chrislyn,

OK, it's very easy to mix in flavors after your buttercream has been refrigerated. You can either:

1. leave it out on the counter to reach room temperature before mixing in the nutella or, if you're impatient like me...

2. put the buttercream back in your mixer and mix for a couple minutes until it's softened up a little, then add the nutella and mix until well combined.




Q: Hi Michelle,

I love your site and up to now our recipes have come out awesome. I have to make one Birthday cake for three male coworkers but have no clue as to how to decorate it with their names without making it look too feminine. know I can count on you for a good idea.



A: Hi Hany,

Thanks. I'm glad you're enjoying the website!

OK, so here's what I'm thinking about your one birthday cake for three male co-workers.

The effect we're after here is a patch of grassy earth with with three gardening stakes that show the names of the birthday boys.

Follow the directions for the golf cake, found here:

leaving out the golf ball (unless all three of your co-workers are golf fans, then it's perfect as is!). Hand write or print out three small (about 2" x 3") tags with "Happy Birthday...(insert name)" and stick them to a kabob skewer so they can be inserted into the cake. Use the paper from a brown paper bag if you have one.

The techniques used in this cake are super easy but you get a fantastic finished cake that's perfect for a man. To really make it memorable, present it on a large, newspaper covered board (cover with clear contact paper so you don't end up eating soggy newsprint...yuk!) and add some gardening gloves and a clean trowel beside the cake. You could also add a small galvanized bucket with the gardening stake 'names' next to the cake instead of inserting them into the cake.

Hope these ideas help.



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As our site and community grows, I hope that you drop me a line and tell me what creative cake stuff you are up to! Did you make a masterpiece that was inspired by something on our site? Pretty please play "show and tell" with the rest of us! Often, having an audience for your cakes is just the thing you need to get you started.

Feel free to send in tips or questions too! We love mail!



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