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(Hollister, NC)

I have always enjoyed cooking and watching food network and researching new recipes and stuff, but I have suddenly become fascinated with cake decorating, so all of this is fairly new to me.

First of all, the recipe that is posted for the buttercream frosting, is it a really sweet or more mellow taste, like a whipped icing?

I don't like really sweet frosting, so if it's really sweet, what can I do to mellow it down a little?

Will fondant adhere to regular or buttercream frosting or are you supposed to only use fondant designs on fondant? For example, I wanted to make a cake with regular frosting and cut out some shapes with pre-colored fondant to decorate the cake with. Will this work?

And the high school musical cake on this site, what size cake pans did you use for those two layers? Also, I baked a cake in a 12 X 3 inch round cake pan, and when I got ready to flip it out, one small section came out of it. I sprayed the pan really good with a vegetable spray before cooking, do you have any suggestions?

That's all of the questions for now. I really appreciate your time and really look forward to hearing from you!!

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Mar 09, 2009
Lots Of Answers
by: Michelle (admin)


OK, here goes with the answers to your questions :-)

1. The buttercream recipe is pretty sweet, compared to a whipped frosting (cream based).

2. If you prefer a less sweet filling, try the cream cheese frosting.

3. Fondant will adhere to buttercream or cream cheese frosting. You can also use thinned fruit preserves for this.

4. Fondant accents on buttercream works well, just don't put the decorations on more than 24 hours ahead of time since the fondant will start to absorb moisture from the frosting and sag a little.

5. For the High School Musical Cake, I used 8" and 10" round pans (serves 30-35 people), but you can use whatever size pans you need for the number of people you'll be serving.

6. For a fool-proof non-stick baking experience every time, check out this video tutorial I just added to the techniques section. I think you'll find it very useful.

Thanks for posting your questions. Come back often and ask more.

Michelle (editor)

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