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Of course you can have pizza for dessert...here are the birthday cake pictures to prove it!

pizza cake

Watch your friends do a double take when you dish up this great pizza cake for dessert.

Even your vegetarian friends will devour this pepperoni and sausage laden pie without a second thought.

It's perfect for a summer beach party, barbecue or 4th July gathering and I can't think of one little boy, or big boy for that matter, who wouldn't love this cake for their next birthday.

If you can make a pizza, you can make this novelty birthday cake. And think of the great birthday cake pictures you'll have from the day.

Throw a fun pizza party to show off your fabulous centerpiece. All you need are a few great co-ordinating party supplies.

techniques used

birthday cake pictures - pizza cake

what you'll need:

birthday cake pictures - pizza cake

here's how to do it...

birthday cake pictures - pizza cake

pizza cake - sauce

1. Bake the 10" round cake for the pizza base by dividing the cake batter evenly into two pans. You'll only need one layer per pizza cake, so you can either make two pizza cakes or freeze the spare layer for another project.

Mix some buttercream with red and just the tiniest amount of brown paste food color to get a darkish red that's the perfect 'sauce' color and frost the top of the cake, leaving a 1" ring of unfrosted cake all around. Don't make it too perfect - you want this to look like real pizza. And don't worry that the 'sauce' doesn't look very saucy yet - it will, I promise. I have a trick up my sleeve!

pizza cake - cheese

2. Using a fine grater or microplane, grate the white chocolate over the top of the pizza. This will be your cheese base.

pizza cake - grilling cheese

3. Place the cake under a hot broiler for about 2 minutes. Don't leave it under the broiler for too long - you just want to melt the frosting and white chocolate 'cheese' a little to look more realistic.

pizza cake - grilled

4. Place a paper liner in the pizza box, secure with a dab of frosting to stop it sliding around and then secure the pizza to the paper in the same way. Starting to look like a real pizza huh?

Now look at that! Your sauce has a glossy sheen, like real pizza sauce and the cheese is slightly melted into the sauce. If you just wanted to make a 'cheese pizza' cake, you could stop right here.

pizza cake with toppings

5. Time to have some fun with toppings. For the sausage, cut different sized pieces from the chocolate/coconut candies and sprinkle them on. For the green peppers, cut small 1" x 1/8" pieces from the green jelly jube candies and sprinkle them on randomly. Roll out the red jelly jube candies until you can almost see through them and use a 1" to 1 1/2" inch round cookie cutter to make the pepperoni slices. Sprinkle those on too. To make the olive slices, cut slices off a rope of black licorice and use the tip of a #12 round cake decorating tip to cut a small circle from the center of the 'olive'. Place the olive slices where you think they look the best.

Your Pizza Cake is done! Now go take some birthday cake pictures of your own and show them off here.

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