Book Cake

by Lucie Bérubé
(Yellowknife, NT Canada)

Rolling out second peice for cover Whisk.. hehehe Fondant Cake board ...I love recipe books!

This Book Cake was for my friend Linda, who reads recipe books like others read Novels. What could have been more fitting for her birthday?

The bottom cake is my mom's carrot cake recipe (sorry Michelle, kept the french tradition on this one)with Michelle's cream cheese icing and the book was Michelle's Lemon white cake (TO Die FOR!!!!!)with her Lemon Curd recipe (also incredible).

I piped "L's" on the bottom cake for her name with lemon butter cream. The top tier is a MM Fondant. I don't really like it, or maybe it was just too humid and hot! It was July after all, and you may all be surprised to know that even though I am in the arctic, the 24 hour sunlight makes it incredibly HOT here in summer.

The little accessories on the side were made out of gum paste. I carved a curve on the edge of the cake to make the pages and a notch on the top for a spine.

After crumb coating the cake, I covered it in white MMF. I then used a knife and made lines to resemble pages on the edges. I covered the book in yellow MMF to make the cover and added details.

For the cake board, I rolled a pizza cutter on to make the pieces of wood. I used a straw to make the nail heads and a pin to make the scratches to give the wood grain. I "painted" it with brown food coloring.


From the editor:

Hi Lucie,

Awesome job on the Book Cake. I can totally relate, by the way - I too, read cookbooks like others read novels :-)

Thanks for sharing. I bet Linda loved her cake.


Michelle (editor)

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