Cabin Fever

by Lucie Bérubé
(Yellowknife, NT Canada)

Lulu's Cakes

Lulu's Cakes

Lulu's Cakes Backdrop Cabin Walls Cabin

This was another exact replica of another friends cabin on the lake. I rolled a piece of gum paste and made "paint" with Vodka and gel food coloring. I hand painted the trees to make a back drop and placed it in a large bowl to dry, to give it some curve.

I cut out four walls and two panels for the roof. I also cut the doors and windows from templates I made out of firm paper. I took a pin and scratched the gum paste walls to give a wood impression before it dried. Once the walls were dry, I glued them together with royal icing. I painted them with brown "paint".

I glued the windows, doors and flower boxes with royal icing. I made a long square shape snake and cut pieces which I glued to the ends of the "logs" to give them definition.

I mixed two batches of fondant in two shades of blue. I rolled these out in "snakes" and placed them side by side with a white "snake". I braided the three together and folded them in half. I twisted them all together and repeated two or three times. I rolled this out to created a marble effect. I then hand painted the Jack pine trees (it's almost all that grows up here)around the cake.

I added chocolate rock candy to hide the edges of the cakes. I used a bit of icing to hold them in place.

The cake board was covered with the left over fondant. The top tier is a chocolate cake mix that I modified and added choc. chips. I hate using mixes, but I was asked to make it since the person did not want to pay for a decent cake. I put chocolate butter cream in the three layers and covered the cake in Ganache.

I like this guy so I made him a coconut cake on the bottom with a coconut cream pie (his favorite). This is my fourth cake, I don't know where this talent and inspiration is coming from but I am loving every minute. I have alone time, away from the kids in the kitchen (oh, maybe that's it!) Hope you like it.

From the editor:

Hi Lucie,

Your hand painting is fabulous. Thanks so much for sharing how you made this beautiful cake.

I can't wait to see what you come up with next.

Michelle (editor)

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