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Tennis Cake

Just two oval cakes made this Tennis Cake. The handle of the tennis racket is banana bread and the tennis ball is made from Rice Krispy treats. I Made

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Harry Potter Cake

This Harry Potty Cake is a book made of chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream filling. The whole cake is then covered in ganache. I love covering

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Crab Cake

I made my Crab Cake with one small rounded pan and one 9 round and extra batter in a bread pan for making the claws. I covered the crab with orange

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why dont you refrigerate decorations made out of fondant?

I want to make my decorations in advance but why cant they be refrigerated? Does it matter? From the editor: The reason you shouldn't store fondant in

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An A Frame Cabin Cake

I am making a cake for my boyfriend and I want to make it a winter scene with a small a frame cabin and snow on the ground. How do I get the the roof to

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Yellow cake query

Shall definitely be trying your yellow cake recipe Michelle but is this direction correct? One third in one tin and two thirds in other or is this a mistake?

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how do you triple a recipie

I need to know how to triple a recipe because my pan calls for 15 CUPS of cake batter and my recipe only makes 5 CUPS. I don't want to have to mix the

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Can I use a butter substitute with the pound cake?

I was thinking of using fat free I can't believe it's not butter. Thank you. From the editor: Hi Rachael, I don't know for sure if it would work. Judging

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can I bake in mixing bowl

How do I know if a mixing bowl is safe to bake a dome shaped cake in? From the editor: Any stainless steel bowl makes a good cake pan, but if you're

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Golf Cake

This retirement Golf Cake was made with love for a friend retiring after 36yrs in the Public Service. The cake was made with 4 Duncan HinesĀ® Chocolate

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Fire Truck Cake

This Fire Truck Cake was made from a mix with buttercream frosting made from scratch. I am a beginner cake decorator. The passion came from building

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Can I freeze un-used cake batter ?

I hate nothing more then making a 6 cake and having all this cake batter left over!! I end up making mountains of cup cakes and everyone I know is totally

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Substitution for Shortening?

Can I substitute butter for the shortening in your frosting and filling recipes? I know shortening would probably make the textures denser and may hold

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Covering A Cake With Modeling chocolate

Do you need to do a crumb coat or buttercream coat before covering a cake with modeling chocolate? From the editor: Hi Carrie, When you want to use

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Uses, storage tips and ability to keep for your recipes

Hello, I am very new to cake decorating and I love your recipes. I would like to know how long your different recipes keep and how they should be stored

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