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by guest contributor Debra Luke
A Little Romance Cakes, Everett, WA
cake decorating for weddings

So why all the stress over Cake Decorating For Weddings?

We're cake decorators. We bake and decorate cakes, some of us, nearly every day. So why is it we take an extra deep breath when we're cake decorating for weddings?

The answer is so obvious it's a wonder any of us take on this highly specialized task. We have many birthdays, many anniversaries, and many events for which cake is the centerpiece, but hopefully only one wedding. The wedding - the most heavily photographed event of our lives. The wedding cake, sitting in a place of honor at its own table, is what marks a wedding reception as the special event it is. Otherwise, it's just a party.

This is the day your bride has fantasized about since she was a little girl. Her head shrouded in a white shawl, clutching a bouquet of dandelions in her tiny hands; she makes her way down the staircase precariously balanced in mom's white heels. And we wonder why there is trepidation associated with cake decorating for weddings.

so what do we do about it?

How do you move past those feelings of anxiety?

Perfect Your Craft

There are lots of great resources out there for improving your cake decorating for weddings:

I love to share my passion and look forward to sharing it with you.


Debra, A Little Romance Cakes, Everett, WA.

cake decorating for weddings...examples

Check out these beautiful cakes for techniques and ideas to get you started:

Debra Luke is pastry chef for A Little Romance Cakes located in Everett, WA and serving the Snohomish County area. She specializes in custom cakes presented as art and incorporates a wide variety of cake decorating techniques. She features traditional or gluten free wedding cakes as well as cakes and cupcakes for all occasions.

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