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A good Cake Filling is magic. As the Fairy Godmother always says - it's just a 'flick of the wrist'! Make your cakes truly memorable with just a few swipes of your spatula.

Think of it like accessorizing an outfit - you start with good basics and add accents to make it something really special.

There's really only a few basic recipes you need. With these, plus the list of great variations after each recipe, you'll never be stuck for a fabulous cake filling again.

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click here for amazing buttercream recipe and directions

Buttercream is basically a light, creamy frosting made from softened butter or vegetable shortening, powdered confectioners sugar and flavorings.

If you've only ever had commercial buttercream on a sheet cake from your local supermarket then you're in for a treat:

chocolate ganache

click here to learn the secrets of chocolate ganache

Chocolate Ganache is made from chocolate, cream and sometimes butter.

Seems simple but, believe me, once you've tried ganache there's no going back:

cream cheese filling

click here for cream cheese filling recipe and directions

Cream Cheese Filling is rich, creamy concoction of butter, powdered confectioners sugar and cream cheese.

It's a little less sweet than chocolate ganache or buttercream, but no less decadent.

Sure, you've seen this cake filling used in Carrot or Red Velvet Cake, but with this many variations it really does wonders for almost any style of cake:

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