can I cover chocolate ganache with fondant?

by Marica
(Zadar, Croatia)

I find your website really interesting and very helpful for cake decorating.

I have a question about chocolate ganache. I want to put it under fondant and I would appreciate if you can write me a good recipe for it. Also I read that chocolate ganache has to be put on cake 24 hours before fondant and that cake has to be on room temperature is this true?
Another question: approximately how much of chocolate ganache would I need to frost 9 and 6 inch cake?

I have one more question: Do you maybe have a recipe for chocolate fondant that I can put on cake instead of regular fondant?

Thank you very much...Marica...:)

From the editor:

Hi Marcia,

We have a great ganache recipe right here on the site, for you to use. To frost a 6" round and a 9" round cake, you'll need a double batch.

For a fabulous alternative to regular fondant, try covering your cakes in modeling chocolate.

There's a couple of tricks you can use when covering ganache with fondant or modeling chocolate.

Once the cake is filled and frosted with ganache, refrigerate it overnight. This allows the filling to firm up and stops any settling from occurring once you add the fondant. Then, when you're ready to add the fondant, either:

1. Use a hair dryer set on medium to gently blow hot air over the cake, softening the surface of the ganache just enough to give the fondant something to stick to, or

2. Paint the back of the fondant lightly with vodka or other clear alcohol. The alcohol acts like a glue, but evaporates quickly so it won't make the fondant soggy.

Good luck.

Michelle (editor)

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Aug 10, 2015
Education NEW
by: Anonymous

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Jul 13, 2011
Transporting tiered cakes that are ganached and covered in fondant
by: Judy

If the cake is "glued" to the board with a dab of royal icing the cake will not move off the board. I always place sponge foam (not too thick, about 1/4" thick or thinner) on the back seat of the car.This will prevent the cakeboard from sliding.Have been transporting cakes like this for 20 years and have never had a breakage. Mind you it can be stressful when you have a three tier cake to deliver.I usually sit in the backseat of the car to keep my eye on things and let my patient husband drive.

Jul 12, 2011
yes you can cover chocolate ganache with fondant
by: Judy

Here in Australia some cake decorators do just that .I have done it myself with no problems in early summer.You can also use plain milk chocolate. Just make sure you smooth out the ganache before it sets to give a smooth lump free finish after you ice with fondant.GOOD LUCK AND ENJOY.

May 24, 2010
transporting the cake
by: Hilda

That sounds great! But, I have a question, if you want to transport the cake, how are you going to do it, especially if one cake is on top the other?
What would you put in the car so the cake does not move or stumble? Then .....if the weather is too hot and humid like in Florida, the chocolate wouldn't melt?

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