need fabulous chocolate ganache frosting?

Chocolate ganache frosting may just be the greatest discovery ever!

chocolate ganache frosting

Ganache is super easy to make and so versatile. You can use a double boiler if you like, but since I'm lazy I use a microwave. Now it's super easy to whip up a little magic any time you like.

Just imagine White Chocolate Ganache Frosting on delicate Perfect Lemon Cake cupcakes stacked in tiers for an easy and beautiful wedding cake idea!

You can use milk, dark or white chocolate but remember, the better the chocolate, the better finished product. So spend the extra bucks and get the best you can afford – it’s really worth it!

Recommended chocolate brands:


ganache - chocolate ganache frosting

yield: about 3 ½ cups of chocolate ganache frosting (that’s enough to generously cover a 9" cake).

1. put cream in a microwave safe glass bowl and heat on high for 2-3 minutes, until just about to boil.

2. put chocolate in a medium sized glass bowl and pour hot cream over.

3. let sit for a minute or two then stir with a wooden spoon until completely smooth.

101 uses for chocolate ganache frosting...well, almost!

as a fabulous shiny glaze

Glazing your cakes is a really easy way to get a spectacular presentation. A glaze is just a thin, shiny coating that's poured over the cake and sets to a gorgeous smooth finish.

2. Put your cake on a rack over a pan and pour the warm ganache over until it covers the top and sides.

2. It will set to a beautiful smooth coating.

as a thick rich frosting

This is for the real chocoholics among us. If you like your chocolate coating a little thicker than a glaze, then this is for you!

1. just refrigerate the ganache until thickened but not set (check every 15 minutes).

2. spread it like regular frosting.

Note:Once it’s reached the consistency you like, work quickly, because it will get firmer as you work.

as Fabulous Truffle decorations

These make fantastic gifts and beautiful decorations for simple, elegant dessert cakes.