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cream cheese frosting

A Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe is not hard to find – that’s for sure. There are a million out there and I’ve tried tons of them over the years, but this one is perfection. Not too sweet, not too tart and yet really decadent.

This is super easy, quick and foolproof and it really adds something very special to almost any cake. Any of these recipes can be used to frost or fill a cake. Mix and match them for something truly memorable.

A quick note about decorating with ceam cheese frosting: if it's important that the food colors you're using are true, say on a wedding cake, then you should really use buttercream since it will give you a whiter base to start from.

You’ll find a list of great flavor additions after the basic cream cheese frosting recipe to get you started. They are really simple but pack a big punch. Your friends will think you’re brilliant! And the best part is, once you use a few you’ll start to think of new ones of your own all the time.

And to make your frosting, filling and decorating really easy, check out these great cake decorating basics.


cream cheese frosting recipe

1. Put all the ingredients into the bowl of your electric mixer

2. Using the paddle attachment, beat on low-medium speed until smooth.

and now to really spice things up...

There are just some things in life that are better when they're rich and decadent....chocolate, coffee, men and cream cheese frosting :-)

Do yourself a favor and try all these fabulous flavors!

Caramel Cheesecake

Add to the basic recipe :

Chai Spice Cheesecake

Add to the basic cream cheese frosting recipe :

Chocolate Cheesecake Frosting

Add to the basic cream cheese frosting recipe:

Coconut Cream Cheese

Add to the basic recipe:

Coconut Lime Cream Cheese

Add to the basic recipe:

to make Lime Curd:

Daiquiri Cheesecake

Add to the basic cream cheese frosting recipe:

Mango Cream Cheese

Add to the basic recipe:

Orange Mango Cheesecake

Add to the basic recipe:

just what you need to get started

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I've got all your essential cake decorating basics available in one place to make it easy to get started.

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