Searching for unique cupcake decorating ideas?
Check out these adorable little corn cobs.

For luau cupcake decorating, you can't beat a platter of mouth-watering corn cobs...very easy and very realistic.

purse cake

Can you really serve vegetables for dessert? You can if it's a platter of these tasty little  corn cob cupcakes.

These super cute little cupcake treats are my take on one of the great cupcake ideas from the book Hello, Cupcake by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson.

Don't they just make your mouth water? They're so realistic, it'll take your geuests a while to realize that they're not looking at real mini cobs of corn.

Although they aren't the fastest cupcakes you'll ever make, since you do have to place each kernel of corn, they are very easy and sooo worth the time. They're perfect for picnics, barbecues or holiday parties and imagine how perfect they would be for your luau party!

All you need to complete your luau theme are these fabulous co-ordinating party supplies.

what you'll need:

This is a fabulous cupcake decorating idea for beginners. You don't need any special equipment and, except for the candy, you probably already have all the ingredients in your pantry.

here's how to do it...

You'll be amazed how easy this cupcake decorating idea is.

what a great cupcake decorating idea

1. Bake your cupcakes using your favorite recipe and frost with pale yellow buttercream.

top coat purse cake in buttercream

2.Now grab yourself a few good handfuls of runts or whatever yellow candy you're using.

add stitching lines to quilted purse cake detail

3. Use a small, sharp knife to cut each one in half, like this.

continue adding quilting detail all over purse cake

4. Keep cutting until you have a pile to work with. You may need more, but this is enough to start with.

roll ut fondant snd cut long strips

5. Staring in the middle of the cupcake, place a row of candies from top to bottom.

add trim detail around bottom edge of purse cake

6. Continue placing rows of candies, working out towards the edge of the cupcake. Complete one side, then the other.

Repeat steps 5 and 6 for each of your cupcakes. This is the most time consuming part, so let the kids help you :-)

cut paper towel to fit and use as template

7. The illusion is all in the presentation. Go raid your local pizza or take out shop for a sheet or two of the red/white checked paper and line a platter with it. Lay the cupcakes on the platter in groups of three. You can use some buttercream to hold the paper to the platter and the cupcakes to the paper, so nothing slides around.

lay paper towel on fondant ant cut around purse flap

8.You gotta have butter on corn cobs, right?

To make the pats of melting butter, roll out a piece of pale yellow taffy to about 1/8" (6mm) thick. I used banana taffy, but you can use whatever kind of candy you like. Just make sure it's pliable enough to roll out. If you're having trouble because the candy is too stiff, you can microwave it for 4-5 seconds to soften it up a little.

add stitching detail to purse flap

9. Use a sharp knife to trim the edges so you have a roughly square shape, about the size of a pat of butter.

position flap and press gently to secure

10. Squeeze a small dab of buttercream on to the cupcake, wherever you think the butter will look good.

add monogram detail

11. To make the butter look like it's melting, pull one coner of the taffy down a little. Gently wiggle on to the spot of buttercream so it holds in place.

string handle beads one at a time

12. Now, time for some seasoning. Sprinkle a little white sugar 'salt' onto each cob of corn.

poke wire ends of handle into purse to secure

13. Follow with a sprinkle of poppy seed 'pepper'.

finish edges of purse with fondant piping

14. To complete the illusion, stick a corn holder in each end of the corn cobs.

paint monogram lettering

15. There you have it. A fabulous platter of melt in your mouth corn cob cupcakes.

Try this cupcake decorating idea for your next 4th July, Halloween party or barbecue and watch your guests gobble up their veggies for dessert!

Don't forget to take lots of pictures so you can come back here and show off your cupcake decorating.

how to host the perfect luau party

Got a great cupcake decorating idea? Check. Now all you need to complete your luau party theme is co-ordinating party supplies.

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