Farm Eggs Vs Store Bought When Making Cakes

by maddie

Hi. I tried our yellow cake and made them into cupcakes but they turned out to be more muffin-like. I loved the taste though!


1. Is it not okay to use fresh farm eggs coz that's what I used.
2. What is the purpose of alternating the dry and wet ingredients into the batter as opposed to all wet then all dry? Could this result to overmixing?
3. My cupcakes rose too high. What could have happened?
4. If I only want to make 12 cupcakes, can I just cut the recipe in half?
5. What would be a good frosting for yellow cupcakes? Could chocolate ganache go well
with it?

Thank you so much!! I love your website!

From the editor:

Hi Maddie,

Thanks, I'm glad you love the site!

In answer to your questions:

1. The difference with farm fresh eggs is usually in the volume. You may have ended up with more egg than if using store-bought, which could account for the more muffin-like texture. /to give you an idea, I use large eggs in the recipes, which are about 3 1/4 tablespoons (US) each. So next time you make the recipe, measure out your farm fresh eggs to be about 13 tablespoons (US).

2.when you add the first amount of dry ingredients, the fat in the creamed butter/sugar starts to coat the flour particles, helping prevent gluten development (which is what over-mixing does). You always end with dry ingredients to take up any available moisture in the batter.

3. You may have over-filled the cupcake liners. You don't really want to fill the papers more than 2/3 full. A trick I use is to fill the cupcake liners using a small (about 2 tbsp size) ice-cream scoop and use two level scoops per liner. You can do the same thing using one large, level ice-cream scoop per liner.

4. You can halve the recipe to make 12 without any problems.

5. Chocolate ganache pairs really well with yellow cake. Lemon and white chocolate are fabulous too - paint the top of each cooled cupcake with melted, slightly cooled white chocolate, then top with Whipped Lemon Mousse.

Michelle (editor)

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