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This Fire Engine Cake may cause more of a scene than a three alarm fire at your next party!

It's a unique twist on a fireman cake, featuring a red brick fire station with a fire engine rushing out the door to an emergency, only to discover that the emergency IS the fire station itself! Just a little irony to add to the fun of this memorable cake.

A few Tootsie Rolls ®, some cookie crumbs and a candy melt or two create a really memorable cake with a lot of 'wow' factor. The finished product looks very impressive and way more difficult than it really is. Placing the bricks and sprinkling the cookie crumbs are easy enough to let the kids help with, and they’ll be so proud of their results. Have fun with this Fire Engine Cake - it’s a great family project.

All you need for a fabulous Fire Engine theme party are these great co-ordinating party supplies.

ingredients for a perfect fire engine cake

first steps to a fire engine cake

making The Flames For Your Fire Engine Cake

making The Trees for your fire engine cake

Making The Sign For Your Fire Engine Cake

Fire Engine Cake assembly

You're done! Now go get a well deserved cup of coffee and sit back for a few minutes to admire your handiwork. Remember to take a picture while your masterpiece still looks perfect.

let's throw an fire engine party

Got great Fire Engine Cake? Check. Now all you need for the perfect celebration is great co-ordinating party supplies.

You can find everything you need right here. Check it out:

Around Town Personalized Invitation

Price: 0.99

Fire Engine Sipper Cup

Price: 2.59

Fire Extinguisher Squirt

Price: 4.99

Fire Truck Cake Pan

Price: 16.99

Firefighter Assorted Party Sweets

Price: 3.99

Firefighter Banner

Price: 4.29

Firefighter Beverage Napkins

Price: 3.39

Firefighter Cake Plate

Price: 3.39

Firefighter Candle

Price: 2.99

Firefighter Centerpiece

Price: 4.29

Firefighter Cups

Price: 3.39

Firefighter Deluxe Favor Set

Price: 4.79

Firefighter Dinner Plates

Price: 4.39

Firefighter Favor Bag

Price: 2.99

Firefighter Favor Set

Price: 4.29

Firefighter Game

Price: 3.99

Firefighter Helmet

Price: 1.59

Firefighter Invitations

Price: 4.29

Firefighter Napkins

Price: 3.99

Firefighter Sticker Book

Price: 1.50

Firefighter Stickers

Price: 1.79

Firefighter Table Cover

Price: 6.39

Firefighter Thank You Notes

Price: 3.99

Firetruck Candy

Price: 5.99

Firetruck Mylar Balloon

Price: 6.99

Firetruck Personalized Bag Tag

Price: 1.99

Firetruck Personalized Banner

Price: 14.99

Firetruck Personalized Button

Price: 1.49

Firetruck Personalized Invitation

Price: 0.99

Firetruck Personalized Magnet

Price: 1.59

Firetruck Personalized Stickers

Price: 2.99

Firetruck Personalized Thank You Note

Price: 0.99

Firetruck Pinata

Price: 14.99

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