make this gorgeous flower cake today.

Imagine what a beautiful Mother's Day cake this grape hyacinth flower cake  would make..

flower cake

This year, give Mom a change from the traditional Chrysanthemums on Mother's Day and present her with this beautiful flower pot cake, full of stunning grape hyacinths.

The entire flower arrangement, including the flower pot is edible and you won't believe how easy it is to make.

Just add these great co-ordinating party supplies and you've got the perfect garden party!

techniques used

You'll find links to some useful tutorials to help you complete your Purse Cake below:

what you'll need:

With just some very simple ingredients and equipment, you'll have completed this  beautiful Flower Cake in no time:

here's how to do it...

You'll be amazed how quickly this Grape Hyacinth Flower Cake comes together.

stack cake layers

1. Bake your cakes using your favorite recipe. Tort and fill the cakes, then stack to six layers high on your cake board, securing bottom layer on the board with butercream.

top coat cake in buttercream

2. Crumb coat the cake and refirgerate at least an hour, perferably overnight.

Add terracotta colored buttercream and smooth

3. To make the flower pot, add a top coat of buttercream in a terracotta color. You can make this by tinting the buttercream orange first, then adding one drop of brown at a time until you like the shade.

Use a wide spackling knife, available from any hardware store, to smooth the  buttercream as you turn the cake on a turntable or lazy susan.

use a petal tip or cake icing tip to add  rim to the flower pot

4. Add a rim to the flower pot cake with a petal tip or a large cake frosting tip.

Refrigerate the cake for an hour to let the buttercream firm up, before finishing the rim.

cut leaves from melted chocolate

5. Using the one color chocolate method, make several leaves for the hyacinth flowers. Cut out the shapes with a pizza cutter when the chocolte has cooled slightly, but is still not completely set.

dust leaves with light green petal dust

6. Dust each leaf with the  petal dust for added dimesion.

smooth flower pot rim

7. If you've used a large cake icing tip you can skip this step, but for the rest of us, smooth the rim of flower pot carefully. be sure not to smooth it so much that it's the same depth as the rest of the pot. You want a little definition between the two parts of the flower pot.

insert small bread sticks for fower stems

8. Insert one bread stick by rolling and pushing gently until about one third of the bread stick is in the cake.

use a petal tip to pipe flower petals all around the stem

9. Use a small petal tip to pipe an apward spiral of petals. Begin at the bottom of each stem and work towards the top.

You might need a break while you're doing this. It's pretty tiring on your hands, but just take it slowly and you'll get there!

use a small serrated knife to cut slits for the leaves

10. Make several slanted cuts around the base of the flower stem, about 2" deep for each one. Use a small serrated knife for this job.

genly inert each leaf into a slit

11. To finish the flowers, insert a leaf in to each cut you made. Push gently - you don't to snap too many leaves.

sprinkle sand around base of flower pot and flower stems

12. Sprinkle vanilla cookie crumbs around the base of the flower pots and around the base of the leaves and flower stems.

Your Flower Cake is done!

Don't forget to take lots of pictures so you can come back here and show off your flower pot cake.

how to host the perfect garden party

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