Need a great football cake idea for your next super bowl party?

Score a touchdown with this versatile football cake idea that can be customized for any team.

football cake

Every football fan, big or small will cheer when this Football Cake arrives at the party.

Of course, if your party happens to be in February, what a great Super Bowl cake this team helmet makes. Just add the design of your favorite team and you've backed a winner. This logo happens to be that of a real Washington team, but you could use the idea to create a great monogram look for a birthday party, simply by changing the letter 'H' to whatever you like.

Although there's lots of steps, none of them are difficult, so just take them one at a time and before you know it, you'll be basking in the roar of an appreciative crowd.

Throw a fun filled football party to show off your fabulous centerpiece. All you need are a few great co-ordinating party supplies.

techniques used

You'll find links to some useful tutorials to help you complete your Football Cake below:

what you'll need:

With just some very simple ingredients and equipment, you'll have a completed Football Cake in time for the big game:

here's how to do it...

You'll be amazed how easy the details of this Football Cake are, and it's the details that make the cake great.

stack cake to four layers high

1. Bake your cakes using your favorite recipe. Tort and fill the cakes, stacking to four layers high on a cardboard cake circle (store bought or cut your own).

crumb coat the cake

2. Tort and fill the six inch cake layers and assemble, two layers high, on a separate cake circle.

Stack the six inch cake on the eight inch cake and secure with buttercream.

Crumb coat the cake and refrigerate for an hour.

remove a section of cake to leave a flat edge.

3. Cut away a section of cake from the bottom tier, so it's level with the top tier, as shown.

Use the scrap cake to fill in around the top

4. Use the scrap cake to fill in around the top, so you end up with a curved top edge around the helmet.

Cover the new edges with a crumb coat and refrigerate for at least a few hours, preferably overnight.

add a top coat of buttercream

5. On the morning of day two of the Football Cake project, cover the entire cake in a 1/2" coat of light grey buttercream. Refrigerate for about 30 minutes to an hour, to let the buttercream firm up.

smooth with a plain paper towel

6. Use a smooth, non patterned, paper towel and gently rub your hand over the top to smooth out any lumps and bumps in the buttercream. Keep moving the paper towel and smoothing with your hand until you have gone over the entire football cake.

Add a dollop of buttercream to the cake board.

7. Smoosh a dollop of buttercream into the center of the cake board, right around the 50 yard line.

Use a large spatula to ease the cake into place.

8. Carefully place the cake in position, using a spatula to help lower the cake after you remove your hand.

measure from the bottom edge to top of flat section.

9. Measure from the bottom edge of the cake, over the top, to just below the top of the flat section that was removed earlier.

cut a strip of white chocolate to fit.

10. Roll out some white modeling chocolate to about 1/8" thick and cut a piece about 3" wide by 13" long or however long the measurement was that you just took.

lay the strip in place.

11. Paint the back side of the strip very lightly with clear alcohol and smooth into place, starting from the bottom back edge of the helmet and finishing just below the top edge of the flat section that will be the front of the helmet.

dust with silver petal dust.

12. Dust all over, except the strip of white, with bright silver metallic edible dust.

smooth the red stripe into position.

13.Roll out some red modeling chocolate to about 1/8" thick and cut the same length as the white stripe, but thinner, about 2" wide.

By the way, you can use the same instructions for fondant if you don't want to use modeling chocolate.

Paint the back of the stripe very lightly with clear alcohol and very gently smooth into place.

cut a template from paper towel.

14. Use a piece of paper towel to cut a template for the front of the helmet. Lay it over the area and cut and smooth, until you're happy with how it looks.

cut around the template.

15. Place the template over white modeling chocolate that's been rolled to about 1/8" thick and cut around the shape with a pizza cutter or small sharp knife.

paint the piece black.

16. Paint the piece black with some gel paste food color mixed with a little clear alcohol. Let it dry for a few minutes.

touch up any areas that need it.

17. Gently position the piece on the front of the helmet.

Some of the black will come off on your hands, but don't panic. Just take the brush and touch up those bits. No one will ever know :)

Cut the main part of the logo.

18. Cut a paper template about 3" high for the letter and lay over white modeling chocolate, rolled to about 1/8" thick. Do this twice so you end up with two letters.

Cut the background color of the logo.
19. Use the same template on red modeing chocolate, cutting about 1/8" bigger all around than you did on the white chocolate. Repeat so you have two red letters.

Lay on top of the other and finish with details.
20. Paint the back of the white letter very lightly with clear alcohol and position, centered, over the red letter to give you an outline.

Add the small red traingles to finish the design, securing with a small amount of clear alcohol painted on the back of each.

Repeat for the second logo.

Position the letter on one side of the helmet.
21. Paint the back of each letter logo very lightly with clear alcohol and position one on each side of the helmet. Smooth gently with your fingers to fit the curve of the helmet.

Position main support for face cage.
22. To make the cage, roll out a log of red chocolate, about 1/2" thick and trim one end flat.  Paint one side of the trimmed end with clear alcohol and attach to one top corner of the helmet front. Position this main support for the cage so that the bottom sits on the cake board, about 3" from the front of the helmet, and joins up again on the opposite top corner, as shown. Trim to fit and secure with a little clear alcohol.

Hold in position for a minute or two.

Run a strip along the top to join the two sides.
23. Roll another 1/2" thick sausage and trim one end. Paint one side with clear alcohol and position across the top of the helmet front, to join the two sides of the support you just added. Trim the other end to fit.

Cut out several circles of red chocolate.
24. Cut out several circles of red chocolate using a melon baller.

Wrap the joins to finish.
25. Paint the back with alcohol and smooth across the joins to finish.

Wrap the end of the next support piece.
26. Roll out another 1/2" thick tube of red chocolate and trim one end. Measure from one side of the cage to the other and cut to fit. Roll out and cut a small 1" wide strip of chocolate and wrap the end of the tube. Trim to fit, as shown.

Attach remaining cage supports.
27. Position the second cage support. Secure with clear alcohol and prop it up while it dries.   

Add the vertical cage supports.
28. Add two vertical supports in the same fashion and prop up the cage while it dries.

If you're having trouble making it all work because the chocolate's not hardening, just measure out the pieces you need and pop them in the fridge for 10-15 minutes, then carry on as normal. The chocolate will have hardened nicely in that time.

Wrap the joins.
29. Finish the joins by wrapping with a circle of chocolate.

Add a retainer strap.
30. Cut a 3/4" wide strip of chocolate and wrap it around the upright section of the main support and attach to the helmet.

Add rivets with grey buttercream and a #1 tip.
31. Finish with 'rivets' of grey buttercream, pipes using a #4 round tip. 

Add a plaque with a message.
32. Add a plaque with a message and your football cake is finished!

Don't forget to take lots of pictures so you can come back here and show off your football cake.

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