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halloween cake ideas - jack o lantern cake

You can't go wrong with this scary Jack O Lantern Cake as the centerpiece of your next Halloween party.

Or, if you've been on the hunt for Novelty Birthday Cakes, this one's perfect for an October birthday or fall themed event.

It's super easy to do. You can either bake the cakes in this special Great Pumpkin pan set or three 10" x 3" Round Cake Pans. If you use the round pans you'll just have a little shaping to do with your knife but it's no big deal.

techniques used

To complete your halloween party theme...

Be sure to check out these great, co-ordinating party supplies

what you'll need:

halloween cake ideas - cake decorating halloween - jack o lantern cake

here's how to do it...

halloween cake ideas - cake decorating halloween - jack o lantern cake

halloween cake ideas - jack o lantern cake

halloween cake ideas - cake decorating halloween - jack o lantern cake

1. Bake your bundt cakes using your favorite recipe. Tort and fill each cake, stacking to two layers high. Crumb coat each bundt cake.

place one of the bundt cakes, narrower end down, on an 8" cake round and secure with buttercream. Insert five or six 1/4" cake Dowels, evenly spaced in a circle the size of the narrower end of the bundt.

place the other bundt, wider end down, on an 8" cake round and secure with buttercream.

frost the top of the bundt, that you placed cake dowels in, with a 1/2" thick layer of buttercream and stack the second bundt on top. Trim any excess cardboard from the cake round so it's flush with the side of the cake. You now have the basic pumpkin shape.

Crumb coat and refrigerate overnight.

frost the entire cake with orange buttercream.

instructions for round cake pans:

split each of the three cake layers into two horizontally (tort), then stack and fill three layers together to make two complete cakes.

follow the directions for placing cake dowels and stacking to make the basic punpkin shape.

after the crumb coat has firmed up, overnight, carve the stacked cake by trimming the top and bottom edges to soften and continue removing thin slices her and there, until you like the shape.

follow the remaining directions, as for the bundt cakes.

halloween cake ideas - jack o lantern cake 2

halloween cake ideas - cake decorating halloween - jack o lantern cake

2. with a small serrated knife, carve out eyes , nose and mouth just as you would if you were carving a real pumpkin.

melt the chocolate chips and using the back of a small tapered offset spatula 'paint' the insides of the eyes, nose and mouth cavities with the melted chocolate.

halloween cake ideas - jack o lantern cake 3

3. form the stem by rolling up one piece of fruit leather staggering the edges as you go, forming a cone shape, then push the finshed stem into the top of the pumpkin.

make the vine details by cutting three strips of fruit leather about 1/2" wide and winding them around as you secure one end, then the other, into the frosting around the stem.

halloween cake ideas - jack o lantern cake 4

halloween cake ideas - cake decorating halloween - jack o lantern cake

4. sprinkle cookie crumb 'dirt' around your jack o lantern cake to finsh.

You're done! Now go take some birthday cake pictures of your own and show them off here.

let's throw a halloween party

Got some great Halloween Cake Ideas? Check. Now all you need to complete your party theme are some great, co-ordinating party supplies.

Here's just a sample of what's available:

For a complete line-up of fabulous Halloween costumes and party supplies, check these out:

Adorable Witch Toddler Costume

Candy Corn Witch Teen Costume

Malice In Wonderland Adult Plus Costume

Raggedy Ann Plus Adult Costume

Valiant Knight Adult Plus Costume

Incantasia The Glamour Witch Plus Costume

Evil Pixie Teen

Miss Dorothy Teen Costume

Adult Tooth Fairy Costume

Adult Tooth Fairy Plus Costume

Winged Witch Costume

Dark Red Riding Hood Adult Plus Costume

Snow White Costume

Pretty Witch Adult Costume

Batmans Catwoman Costume Adult

Glinda Adult Costume

Wicked Witch Adult Costume

Warrior King Adult Costume

King Of Hearts Adult Costume

Teeny Weeny Witch Toddler Costume

Red Riding Hood Adult Plus Costume

Deluxe Muscle Chest The Batman Adult Plus Costume

Deluxe Muscle Chest Superman Adult Plus Costume

Dlx Dark Knight Muscle Chest Batman Plus Adult Costume

Deluxe Joker Plus Size Costume

Morticia Plus Costume

Wicked Witch Plus Size Costume

Kandy Korn Witch Costume

Sexy Witch Costume

Betwitched GT Costume

Lil Bo Peep GT Costume

Wicked Witch Costume Adult Plus

*Yellow Power Ranger TM Gloves

*Yellow Power Ranger TM Boot Covers

Abby Cadabby (tm) Headband and Wand

Irridescent Wings

Fallen Angel Adult Costume

Aqua Fairy Adult Costume

Frost Fairy Adult Small Costume

*Economy Adult Black Witch Wig

Economy Child Black Witch Wig

Economy Black And White Witch Wig Adult

Sassy Wig Lilac

Widows Peak Wig Adult

Deluxe Black Adult Witch Wig

Phantom Witch Hat Adult

Witch Plus Size Adult Costume

Enchantress Plus Size Adult Costume

Witch Adult Plus Costume

Graveyard Fairy Adult Plus Costume

Fairytale Witch Toddler


***Batman The Dark Knight Batman 3/4 Vin

***Batman The Dark Knight Joker 3/4 Viny

**Plo Koon TM 3/4 Vinyl Mask Adult

Adult Wizard Of Oz Red Sequin Shoe Cover

Teen Sorceress Costume

Purple Witch Teen Costume

*Angelique Adult Costume

Sweet Witch Adult Costume

Orange Witch Hat W/ Buckle

Black Witch Hat W/ Buckle

Fiberoptic Webs Witch Hat Adult

Witch Hat Adult

Goth Rockin Witch Costume

##Black Witch Wig

Long Streaked Witch Wig

Deluxe Black Witch Wig

**Black White Witch

36 Inches Long Black Witch Wig

28 inches Grey Witch Wig Adult

Glinda Wig Child

Black Witch Wig Child

Black W/ Streaks Witch Wig

Storybook Blonde Wig Adult

Storybook Blonde Wig Child

Sinister Crimped Witch Wig Adult

Sinister Crimped Witch Wig Adult

Sinister Crimped Witch Wig Adult

Enchanted Blonde Wig Child

Princess Wig Blonde W/Tiara

Economy Black Witch Wigs

Wizard Mascot Costume

Stitch Witch Plus Adult Costume

Witch Hazel Costume

Midnight Fairy Adult Plus Costume

Hulk Infant (12-18 mos) Costume

*Black Rose Fairy Adult Plus Costume

Velour Witch Adult Plus Costume

Witch Shoe Covers Adult

Classic Witch Adult Costume

Witch Shoe Covers Adult

Witch Shoe Covers Child

Witch Shoe Covers Child

Flora Fairy Wig Adult

Wonderful Wizard Adult Costume

Sir Peter Knight War Outfit Deluxe Teen Costume

Wolverine Deluxe Muscle Adult Costume

Flying Monkey Child Costume

**Jumbo Butterfly Wings

Glamour Witch Adult Plus Costume

Fiery Dawn Fairy Wings

*Batman The Dark Knight The Joker Foam L

Purple Faerie Dress Adult Costume

Witchy La Bouf Pink Adult Costume

**Playful Pixe Wig - White/Black Adult

Goth Vampira Black Wig

Foliage Fairy Green Adult Costume

Warrior Sword

**Hulk Movie Inflatable Adult Costume

36 inch Straw Witch Broom

Royal Shield (Triangular)

Knight`S Breastplate

Spring Nymph Adult Costume

Knights Shield

Knight`S Leg Armor

Witch Hat Child

Witch Hat Adult

Inflatable Witch Hat Toss

**Batman Dark Knight TM Belt Adult

Batman The Dark Knight TM Grappling Hoo

Han Solo Gun TM

** Witchy La Bouf Adult Plus Size Costum

Witch Way to Go Double Arrow Signs

Strawberry Girl Adult X-Large Costume

Red Riding Hood Adult Plus Costume

Glitter Witch Child Costume

Glitter Witch Toddler Costume

Strawberry Shortcake Fairy Toddler Costume

Pink Supergirl Child Costume

Wanda The Witch Costume Toddler

Goldilocks Costume

Obi Wan Kenobi Costume

Teen Batgirl Costume

**Dark Knight Batman Tween Costume

Tween Joker Costume

Spartan Costume

Deluxe Spartan Costume

Dlx. Asajj Ventress Costume

Witch Maternity Adult Costume

Fairy Maternity Adult Costume

Superman Life Size Statue

Witch Broom

Glitter Lavender Fairy Wand

**Glitter Pink Fairy Wand

Ridged Witch Hat Adult

Giant Witch Hat Adult

Deluxe Forest Princess Dress Child Costume

Pink Wood Nymph Child Costume

Watercolor Fairy Costume

Sexy Star Bright Fairy Costume Adult Plus

Sweet Lil Wood Sprite Fairy Costume Adult

Valiant Knight Child Costume

Hip Witch Child Costume

Little Bo Peep Show Adult Costume

Elegant Witch Adult Costume

Renaissance Knight Adult Costume

Emerald Fairy Adult Costume

Miss Riding Hood Costume

Valiant Knight Adult Costume

Fairy Princess Child Costume

Little Red Riding Hood Tween Costume

Little Miss Muffet Tween Costume

Fairy Tale Alice w playing card stockings Costume

Alice Adult Costume

Little Bo Peep Adult Costume

Goldee Locks Adult Costume

Red Riding Hood With Cape And Petticoat Adult Costume

Satin Witch Hat Child

Glitter Witch Adult Costume

Sexy Robyn Hood Adult Costume

Glitter Witch Adult Plus Costume

The Emerald Witch Plus Costume

Evil Fairy Adult Plus Costume

Wizard Wanda Adult Costume

Robyn Da Hood Adult Costume

Robyn Da Hood Plus Size Adult Costume

Which Witch Adult Costume

Which Witch Plus Size Adult Costume

Broomstick Babe Adult Costume

Wizard Academy Adult Costume

Graveyard Fairy Teen Costume

Vamp Fairy Child Teen Costume

Fallen Angel Child Teen Costume

Aqua Fairy Teen Costume

Graveyard Fairy Child Costume

Charmed Witch Child Costume

Dazzling Witch Teen Costume

Sassy Fairy Teen Costume

Spider Man Standard Child Costume

Sir Peter Knight War Outfit Deluxe Child Costume

Mrs. Incredible Child Costume

**Barbie Elina Fairy Quality Costume

Barbie Elina Fairy Deluxe Child Costume

Jungle Fury Red Power Ranger Quality Child Costume

Jungle Fury Blue Power Ranger Quality Child Costume

Jungle Fury Yellow Power Ranger Quality Child Costume

Jungle Fury Yellow Power Ranger Deluxe Child Costume

Special Ranger Quality Muscle Chest Child Costume

Hulk Movie Quality Child Costume

Iron Man Super Deluxe Costume Adult

Red And White Super Hero Boot Child

Black Witch Shoe Child

Black Patent Witchy Shoe

Black Sequins Boot Adult

Sexy Cupid Adult Costume

Classic Witch Child Costume

Sultry Witch Adult Costume

Teachers Pet Adult Costume

Arthurain Knight Costume

Woodland Fairy Adult Costume

Ultimate Glam Adult Costume

Woodland Fairy Child Costume

Elegant Miss Witch Child Costume

Blossom Witch Toddler Costume

Fun Leaf Fairy Costume

Violet Witch Child Costume

Adult Violet Witch Costume

Ribbon Witch Toddler Costume

Midnight Fairy Adult Costume

Stitch Witch Adult Costume

Skull Fairy Child Costume

Angel Fairy Child Costume

Midnight Fairy Child Costume

Stitch Witch Child Costume

Goth Maiden Witch Child Costume

Red Strawberry Fairy Toddler Costume

Witch Kit

Red And White Super Hero Boots Adult

Deluxe English Garden Floral Halo W Ribbons Child Costume

Pink Floral Halo W/Ribbons Child

Deluxe Black Witch Hat W/Marabou Trim Child

Warlock Elite Adult Costume

Robin Hood Elite Adult Costume

Wicked Witch Elite Adult Costume

Elite Queen Of Hearts Adult Costume

Elite Prince Charming Adult Costume

Elite Racy Robin Hood Adult Costume

Elite Queen Of Hearts Adult Plus Costume

Elite Enchanting Princess Adult Plus Costume

Elite King Of Hearts Plus Adult Costume

Elite Prince Charming Plus Adult Costume

Elite Red Hot Riding Hood Adult Plus Costume

Elite Red Riding Hood Adult Plus Costume

Premier Big Bad Wolf Plus Adult Costume

Elite Storybook Witch Child Costume

Tinkerbell Adult Costume

Little Red Riding Hood Adult Costume

Starburst Girl Adult Costume

Kandy Korn Witch Adult Costume

Sequined Sprite Costume Adult

Sexy Leprechaun Costume

4 Pc Sexy Super Hero Adult Costume

Bo Peep Adult Costume

Miss Alice Teen Costume

Sexy Witch Adult

Blossom Witch Child

Playboy Wicked Fairy Adult

Playboy Fantasy Fairy Adult

Witch With Hair Pet Costume

Super Hero Boot Adult

Super Hero Boot Men Adult

Sexy Fairy Shoe Adult

Super Hero Boot Child

Super Hero Boot Child

In Goth We Trust The Witch Adult

Metallic Copper Fairy Child

Purple/Black Witch Child

Midnight Fairy With Wing And Arm Bands Child

Pink And Lavender Princess Bead Witch Dress Child

Supergirl Adult Costume

Plum Pixie Child

Wicked Witch Child

Candy Witch Child

Warrior King Child Costume

Pretty Witch Child

Tinkerbell Costume Child

Wonder Woman Adult Costume

Batgirl Adult Costume

V For Vendetta Grand Heritage Costume Adult

Obi Wan Kenobi Child

Tinkerbell Princess Child

Orange Ballerina Witch Child Costume

Charm School Witch Kids Costume

5th Ave. Diamond Witch Childrens Costume

Supergirl Childrens Costume

Deluxe Dorrie Child Costume

Elegant Witch Child

Dark Knight Batman Child

Dark Knight Batman Deluxe Muscle Chest Child

Child Indiana Jones

Deluxe Indiana Jones Child

Star Wars Deluxe Luke Skywalker Child

Child Padme Amidala Costume

Gothic Witch Child

Batman Dark Knight Infant/Toddler

Superman Adult

Muscle Chest Superman Adult

Little Dead Riding Hood Young Adult

Deluxe Muscle Chest Robin Adult

Adult Muscle Chest Flash

Deluxe V For Vendetta Costume Adult

Adult Dark Knight Batman

Deluxe Muscle Adult Dark Knight Batman

Deluxe Adult The Joker

Fairy Spoiled Costume Adult

Deluxe Indiana Jones Adult

Deluxe Obi Wan Kenobi (tm)

Dlx Adult Mutt Tm

Fantasy Fairy Costume Adult

Red Hot Riding Hood Adult

4 Pc Fairy Feline Adult

Renaissance Knight Adult Plus

Deluxe Medieval Knight Adult Plus

Renaissance Knight Adult

Medieval Knight Adult

Musketeer Child

Robin Hood Child

King Arthur Child

Lancelot Child

Prince Charming Child

Renaissance Knight Child

Crusader Child

Dragon Infant/Toddler

Girl Toddler Sweet Treat Witch Costume

Plus Size Miss Red Riding Hood Costume

Womens Plus Size Elegant Witch Costume

Teen Emerald Witch Costume

Mens Plus Size Medieval Knight Costume

Womens Plus Size Mother Nature Costume

Girls Flame Diva Witch Hat

Flame Diva Witch Broom

Disneys The Lost Treasure Tinker Bell Scepter

Childs White Power Ranger Gloves

Childs Power Ranger Green Boot Covers

Super Hero Costume Kit

Black Nylon Fingerless Gloves/GlitterBat

Black Foxy Wig Adult

Womans Plus Glamour Witch Costume

Womens Disney Deluxe Maleficent Costume

Adult Witchs Guard Costume

Womens Plus Sexy Feather Witch Costume

Womens Plus Goth Maiden Witch Costume

Womans Plus Size Classic Witch Costume

Genie Purse

Adult Split Personalities Super Hero/Journalist Costume

Mens Knight In Shining Armor Costume

Knight Helmet Adult

Glitter Skull Centerpiece

Womans Spider Web Pantyhose

Knights Archery Set

Fancy Feather Black Witch Hat

Adult Rorschach Gloves

Toddler Little Red Riding Hood Costume

Toddler Lil Candy Corn Witch Costume

Gothic Feather Fantasy Wings

Womans Spider Web Long Sleeve Top

Womans Spider Web Halter Top and Thong

Womens Emerald Witch Costume

Tween Skulls and Stars Gothic Fairy Costume

Adult Sexy Fairy Costume

Womans Sexy Lil Green Fairy Costume

Womans Sexy True Blue Fairy Costume

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Childs Blue Muscle RPM Power Ranger Costume

Childs Green Muscle RPM Power Ranger Costume

Childs Black Muscle RPM Power Ranger Costume

Disneys Child Cinderella Costume

Childs Wolverine Origins Costume

Boys Wolverine Origins Muscle Chest Costume

Princess and the Frog Princess Tiana Costume

Boys Ben 10 Alien Force Costume

Womens Glamour Witch Costume

Girls Funky Punk Witch Costume

Adult Sexy Candy Corn Witch Costume

Adult Sexy Schoolgirl Witch Costume

Adult Goth Maiden Witch Costume

Girls Green Neverland Fairy Costume

Adult Elite Dark Knight Costume

Adult Noble Knight Costume

Adult Mystical Witch Costume

Child Loyal Knight Costume

Child Gothic Witch Costume

Womens Plus Wicked Witch Elite Costume

Childrens Spiderweb Tights

Sexy 4 PC Kandy Korn Witch Costume

Sexy 3 PC Cherry Red Riding Hood Costume

Womens Plus Size Miss Wonderland Costume

Child Kandy Korn Witch

Girls Flame Diva Witch Costume

Childs Light-Up Twinkler Fairy Costume

Childs Wizards of Waverly Place Alex Boho Witch Costume

Childs Wizards of Waverly Place Alex Striped WitchCostume

The Watchmen Adult Rorschach Costume

The Watchmen Adult Ozymandias Muscle Chest Costume

Adult Sexy The Flash Costume

Womens Playboy Sexy Witch Adult

Womens Playboy Sexy Sparkle Witch Adult

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