how to bake a cake - step 6: to split cake layers

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This is the final tutorial in our How To Bake A Cake series.

So you've prepped, measured and baked your way to near what?

Well, if you're planning on filling your cake, you'll want to know how to 'tort' it. Tort is just a fancy word for splitting the cake layers so you have somewhere to dollop all that fabulous filling you're gonna whip up.

So, how do we do that you ask? Read on....

here's how you do it

baking secrets - how to bake a cake - torting

Most cakes form a bit of a dome on top while they're baking and since you want nice, level layers to stack and fill, you need to get rid of that.

Place your cake on a cake turntable or, if you don't have one of those, a piece of parchment paper, and using a large, serrated bread knife, score horizantally all the way around the cake at the point you want to cut. Now use a back and forth sawing motion, while rotating the turntable or paper, to cut all the way through the cake. The knife should come out right where you scored originally.

Here's a little trick I use to save time. Bake your cakes in two identical cake pans, splitting the cake batter unevenly - 2/3 in one pan and 1/3 in the other. This way, you only have to tort once and you have three perfect cake layers.


see it for yourself

If you're anything like me, it's much easier to learn a new skill by seeing it done rather than reading about it.

So sit back, relax and watch the experts from "Cuisine At Home" magazine show you how it's done. This is exactly the method I have been using for years.

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