How to bake a cake with cheesecake filling?

by Sarah

I would like to make a sheet cake with cheesecake filling, but I'm not sure how to do it. I'm going to use store-bought cake mix for the top and bottom layers. I was thinking of pouring half of my cake mix into the bottom of the pan and then a layer of the cheesecake filling and then another layer of the cake mix on top. Would this work or would it all run together, or not bake? Would that keep the cheesecake from baking?

I also thought maybe I could pour half of my cake mix into the bottom of the pan and bake it a little bit so it's not runny and then pour the cheesecake filling on top of that and bake it a little bit longer and then pour the rest of the cake mix on top of that and finish baking it. Would that work? I'm just trying to make this as easy as I can.


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Sep 25, 2011
Real Cheesecake between you layers
by: Anonymous

I made a 12" cake with a layer of cheesecake between the two regular cake layers a couple of years ago. I baked the cheesecake separately in the same size pan as the cake layers using parchment paper to line the bottom of the pan with enough paper sticking up the sides to use as handles to lift the cheesecake out. I then placed one of the cake layers on top of the cheesecake layer and then carefully flipped the two over using a cookie sheet with no sides as a large spatula so that I could remove the parchment paper.

If you are baking a cheesecake larger than 8" diameter, I would recommend baking it in a water bath to ensure even baking. For my 12" cake I had to go out and buy a 14" cake pan to put my 12" pan into and filled the rest of the 14" pan with water.

Jul 17, 2009
Cheesecake Filling
by: Michelle (admin)

Hi Sarah,

I don't know if baking the cheesecake between the layers would work very well - I fear it would all blend together and you'd lose the impact of the different flavors. Try making a separate cheesecake filling.

Here are two really easy ideas for cheesecake filling:

1. Spread a tub of Philadelphia "Ready To Eat Cheesecake Filling" between layers of the cake and you're done - doesn't get any easier than this.

2. whip up some white chocolate cheesecake filling:

24 ounces white chocolate
4 x 8 ounce packs cream cheese
2 cups butter, softened
1/4 cup fresh lemon juice

* melt the chocolate and cool to room temperature.
* beat the cream cheese until smooth (use paddle attachment on your mixer) and with mixer running, slowly add melted chocolate, mixing until well incorporated.
* Add butter and lemon juice and beat until fully incorporated.
* Use right away or refrigerate for up to 2 weeks and re-beat when you want to use, to smooth it out.


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