How To Get Smooth Icing

by Glenda

I have tried and tried to ice my cakes smooth, still I have the same problems cat faces every where I really need help with icing a cake smooth. I even tried heating hot water in microwave and dipping spatula in hot water to smooth icing it still does not work icing become to wet
It just creates a mess. I have thought about taking a class just to have a beautiful iced cake I sometimes use a 5lb bucket of Wilton icing for one cake just for one cake, because I try icing the cake smooth please help me to get better with this technique I really want to do this so badly. Thanks.

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Nov 09, 2015
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Nov 21, 2009
smooth frosting
by: Anonymous

Also, after your last layer of frosting has crusted over (refridgerate for at least 30min), You can take a smooth paper towel or wax paper & carefully lay it on top of your cake & using either your hand or a fondant smoothing tool, lightly rub all over the cake. You can do the top & the sides using enough pressure to smooth the icing down, but not enough pressure to 'push' the icing around.

Nov 14, 2009
How To Get Smooth Buttercream
by: Michelle

Hi Glenda,

Here are some tips for getting smooth buttercream. I hope they help:

1. Make sure to crumb coat your cake first.

2. Refrigerate the filled, crumb coated cake for at least a few hours, preferably overnight. This will allow the filling and crumb coat to firm up so you don't get bulges or crumbs in the finished buttercream.

3. Place your cake on a turntable. This makes getting a smooth coat of buttercream so much easier.

4. Start the final coat of buttercream by adding a lot more buttercream than you think you'll need. Dollop it on top of the cake and start smoothing with a large, offset spatula. As you turn the cake, spread the buttercream from the middle out to the edges of the cake.

5. Frost the top of the cake first, then the sides. For the sides you may find it easier to use a wide bladed spackling knife, available in the wallpaper section of the hardware store. Turn the cake slowly while holding the blade edge parallel to the side of the cake, resting it lightly on the buttercream.

6. Go back and tidy up the top edge of the frosting after you're happy with the sides of the cake.

Practice, practice, practice. In no time you'll be an expert.

Michelle (editor)

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