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A super easy Lazytown kids birthday cake that's perfect for your little 'Sportacus'.

kids birthday cake - lazytown

As Sportacus always says, "anyone can be a hero", and you sure will be when you present this fun kids birthday cake at your next birthday party.

Just like the lovable, slightly-above-average super hero, you too can do amazing things with everyday items. Just look at what you can achieve with a plain old cake, a little buttercream and a few candy melts!

He's the perfect party centerpiece for fans of the zany kids show Lazytown.

techniques used

You'll only need a few basic techniques to complete your Lazytown kids birthday cake. I've linked all the appropriate tutorials below, to make it easy to brush up on anything you may not be familiar with.

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what you'll need:

The size, cake flavors and fillings shown below for the Sportacus kids birthday cake are just suggestions. You can make any adjustments you need to fit the number of people you'll be serving. All the step-by-step instructions will work for any size cake.

here's how to do it...

Ok, ready? I'll walk you through it and in no time you'll be admiring your completed Lazytown kids birthday cake.

kids birthday cake - lazytown 3

1. Bake your cakes using your favorite recipe. Tort and fill the cake.

Trim the cake, as shown, to approximate Sportacus' face shape.

kids birthday cake - lazytown 4

2. Cut a trimmed section, as shown. We'll use the larger trimmed piece to make the cap.

kids birthday cake - lazytown 5

3. Attach the cap piece by buttering with buttercream and gently pushing into position, as shown.

Use another piece of the trimmed sections to extend the chin a little and attach with buttercream, as shown.

Crumb coat the cake, filling in any gaps where the pieces join and refrigerate for at least an hour, preferably overnight, until the crumb coat and filling are very firm.

kids birthday cake - lazytown 6

4. Tint about 1-2 cups of buttercream flesh tone (with the copper food color) and top coat the face area.

kids birthday cake - lazytown 7

5. Tint about 3/4 cup of buttercream blue and top coat the cap area.

Add two vertical stripes to the cap with un-tinted buttercream.

Pipe two rounded triangle shapes for the eyes.

kids birthday cake - lazytown 8

6. Use the chocolate piping technique to create the eyebrows, pupils, mustache sections and a mouth.

kids birthday cake - lazytown 9

7. Pipe a nose in the center of the cake, using a decorating bag with a coupler, but no tip attached. Start with a vertical sausage shape and add a marble sized bead of buttercream on either side. Go back and add more height to the tip of the nose with a marble sized bead of buttercream on the lower end of the sausage shape. Smooth the nose with your small offset spatula or the back of a teaspoon. Dip the spatula/spoon inyo very hot water after each smoothing stroke and wipe clean.

Place the pupils and eyebrows in place and top each pupil with a small bead of un-tinted buttercream. This gives the eyes a direction.

kids birthday cake - lazytown 10

8. Place the mouth about 2" under the nose and wiggle a little to secure in the buttercream.

Use a small serrated knife, held at a slight angle to the cake surface, to make two small cuts in the cake, just above the mouth. Gently push one section of the moustache into each cut to secure.

kids birthday cake - lazytown 11

9. Tint about 1/3 cup of buttercream light blue and use a #10 tip to pipe two tapered, slightly flattened oval shapes on the cap, directly over the eyes, for the goggles. Pipe a line from the edge of each goggle lens to the side of the cake to finish.

Use either leftover black tinted candy melts or black tinted buttercream to add a nosepiece on the goggles, detail lines on the goggle straps and a small square under each side if the cap for some hair.

Yahoo! Your kids birthday cake is done. Now go get your camera and start clicking so you can show off your birthday cake pictures here.

how to host the perfect lazytown birthday party

Got a great kids birthday cake for your Lazytown fan?


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