Pink Veil

by Debra Luke - A Little Romance
(Everett, WA)

Pink Veil

Pink Veil

Pink veil was made for a wedding show. One my favorite things is to think of a cake as a canvas. I love painting on cakes. The veil is made of fondant specially prepared for draping and then hand painted after it was placed on the cake.

From the editor:

As you can see from Debra's cake, painting on a cake is a great technique that can really add a new dimension to your cake designs.

All you need is a selection of good quality artists brushes and some paste or gel food colors. Place a small amount of the required color on a paper paper plate or other 'palette' and add a very small amount of vodka to thin just slightly. If you need to change the shade or a color, you can use a product called bright white and mix colors just like you would with acrylic artist paints.

You can apply your design on to fondant or royal icing, or even crusting buttercream (you need to have a very smooth finish however). The alchohol evaporates, leaving the beautiful colors of the design. You can even use this technique with the glittery petal dusts that are available now - talk about some wow factor!

Be adventurous - Have fun with this.


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Nov 05, 2010
Vodka Dries fast and paints nice
by: Lucie Bérubé

I use vodka and gel coloring, it dries fairly quickly.

May 31, 2009
Painting on Cakes
by: Debra Luke

I use pure cocoa butter and blend it with Wilton food colors. I've tried other kinds of color, but they don't want to blend with the cocoa butter.

Grate small amount of cocoa butter into small container. I use a water color tray so I can mix all my colors at once. Stir in your Wilton Gel Food Color until blended. Set the tray on a heating pad set to high heat and have fun.

May 31, 2009
paint medium
by: Anonymous

I, too, enjoy "painting" my cakes, however, it takes forever to dry, if it dries, and some times remains sticky. Is this because I use extract to thin my color?

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