Pirate Cake

by Renee
(Sydney Australia)

My nephew Vegas' 1st Birthday Cake

My nephew Vegas' 1st Birthday Cake

This Pirate Cake was my nephew Vegas' first birthday cake. It was cooked from scratch, the bottom layer being chocolate mud and the top white chocolate mud.

I used fondant to ice the bottom layer first and then added the black stripes to where the 2nd layer would sit. Then I iced the top layer with the red and placed it on top. I then quickly put the silver beads around both bottom and top cake before the icing got hard.

I put my nephew's name on the front of the top layer - with fondant and then made the topping.

The pirate was pretty simple being that he has only feet (no legs) and stumpy arms. I started with the red shirt part then added the hands and head and then the black pants and feet.

The chest again was fairly simple by just make a cube and then making the lid and putting together and then adding the coins and painting them gold.

The tree took a little longer until I worked out a trick to make it stable. I made the stump first and made the top quite wide - then I put a semi deep dent in the middle of the top and put my leaves on wires and sticking then 1/4 of the way down the stump. Once I had all the leaves in I squashed the stump around them to close the hole.

Thanks! Hope you like it!

From the editor:

Thanks so much for sharing your adorable Pirate Cake Renee. Great idea for making the tree stand up. I love all the details.


Michelle (editor)

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