A Castle Princess Cake to take her breath away.

Every little Princess needs a Castle Princess Cake to make her party perfect.

princess castle cake

There's no doubt that a Princess party needs a fabulous centerpiece, and this beautiful kids birthday cake wil certainly play the part.

Get out your ice-cream cones and a few colors of buttercream and you can whip this magical cake up in no time.

Make your next Princess or Knight party a royal gala with this stunning, easy to make, magical castle princess cake.

Complete your princess or knight party theme any of with these great co-ordinating party supplies

techniques used

You'll only need a few basic techniques to complete your Princess cake. I've linked all the appropriate tutorials below, to make it easy to brush up on anything you may not be familiar with.

what you'll need:

The size, cake flavors and fillings shown below for the Princess cake are just suggestions. You can make any adjustments you need to fit the number of people you'll be serving. All the step-by-step instructions will work for any size cake.

here's how to do it...

Ok, ready? I'll walk you through it and in no time you'll be admiring your completed castle princess cake.

princess castle cake - step 1

1. Bake the round cakes for your princess cake using your favorite recipe. Tort and fill the cake, stacking to six layers high. Crumb coat and fefrigerate overnight. Add a top coat of gray buttercream and refrigerate until very firm, a few hours.

Note: When mixing the gray buttercream, only add one drop of the super black color and mix. It's very strong and you can always add more, but you can't take it out once it's in.

princess castle cake - step 2

2. Roll out the fondant or marzipan to about 1/8" thick and use a woodgrain texture mat to add a wood-like appearance. If you don't have a texture mat, you could do this with a fondant cutting wheel, just pressing lightly to get the lines rather than cutting all the way through.

princess castle cake - step 3

3. Use a fondant cutter or small, sharp paring knife to cut one door and eleven windows for the castle. Make the door about 2 1/2" wide by 4" high and the windows about 1" wide by 1 1/2" high.

Dip a small artists brush into some chocolate brown food color, thinned a little with vodka and dab the excess onto a paper towel. Paint the door and all the windows with the brown. You don't want this to be perfect - let the color be a little uneven for a more realistic wood effect.

When the brown is dry, brush over the pieces with the gold luster dust.

princess castle cake - step 4

4. Take your cobblestone texture mat and press into the side of the cake, all the way around. You'll get an even better finish than I did since I didn't have time to let the buttercream firm up completely and it still looked great.

Find the best looking area of the cobblestone to be the front of your cake. Now paint the back of the castle door piece with a tiny amount of vodka and secure in place, on the front of the castle.

princess castle cake - step 5

5. Using a thin serrated knife (like a felxible boning knife, or similar), very carefully cut six of the flat-bottomed ice-cream in half along the length of the cone.

Paint each one with the brown food color, in the same fashion as the door and window pieces. Finish with gold luster dust.

Take five of the pointy-ended cones and paint in the same fashion as the tower pieces, finishing with golf luster dust.

You'll also need to paint one whole flat-bottomed cone for the tower on top of the castle.

princess castle cake - step 6

6. Starting either side of the castle door, place one ice-cream cone half with the top of the cone facing down and gently push into the buttercream to secure.

princess castle cake - step 7

7. Take another half cone and place directly on top of the other, with the top facing up. Puch gently into the buttercream to secure.

You have just constructed one tower of the castle. Who knew building a princess cake was this easy?

princess castle cake - step 8

8. Cut a piece from one of the half cones, so that you have just the top ring of the cone and place this ring on top of the cake, butted up to the top of the tower you just built. Don't worry too much about having perfectly matching edges - we'll be covering the joins later.

Use a small spatula to apply a ring of buttercream around the top, inside edge of the tower. This will keep the turret in place.

princess castle cake - step 9

9. Place a pointy-ended cone upside-down, on top of the tower, wiggling gently to secure in the buttercream.

Repeat steps 6 through 8 to complete three more towers and turrets.

princess castle cake - step 10

10. for the top tower, gently push a whole cone into the buttercream and secure with a bamboo skewer that goes through the cone and all the way into the cake.

Add a ring of buttercream around the top edge of the cone and place an upside-down sugar cone on top for the turret.

princess castle cake - step 11

11. Place the windows around the top edge of the castle princess cake - four across the front, two on eash side and three across the back. Secure with a tiny amount of vodka.

princess castle cake - step 12

12. Add some flowering vines to cover the joins between the towers and turrets and in the towers where upside-down cones meet the right-side-up cones. Also, add some decorative vines around the door and under the windows.

Do this with a #2 tip for the vines, a #65 tip for the leaves and a #13 tip for the flowers.

Yahoo! Your kids birthday cake is done. Now go get your camera and start clicking so you can show off your birthday cake pictures here.

how to host the perfect royal gala

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