Princess Cake

by Lucie Bérubé
(Yellowknife, NT Canada)

Princess cake for a Princess

Princess cake for a Princess

Princess cake for a Princess Start with a 8 Carve and cover with icing and add skirt details in fondant Add ruffles to the front

This Princess Cake was for my nieces 5th birthday. She is always wearing princess outfits and shoes, so what was more fitting then a princess cake.

I used a 8" and a 6" cake. I added Michelle's butter cream between each layer of her chocolate cake and yellow cakes(as requested). The I took a piece of paper and drew a basic skirt shape and compared it to the Barbie I bought to make sure the shape would look right. Don't get an expensive doll because I had to tear her legs off. I drilled a hole under the doll and added a wooden skewer to hold her in the cake. I think you can buy the doll tops in stores (not in Yellowknife where I am, so I had to improvise).
I carved the shape on the cakes and then I coated with butterceam and added fondant that I rolled in "snakes" and stuck to the sides. (NOTE: I used red leftover from another cake and I should have matched the skirt, you could see a red reflection on the board) I then added butter-cream to the side of the "snakes" to taper them. This gave the skirt a wavy look.

I don't have a ruffle cutter, I used a large circle cookie cutter, and made a smaller hole in the middle to look like a doughnut. I then cut the ring and started pressing down with a dowel on the fondant and it began to resemble ruffles. I stuck these to the front of the dress.
I don't have impression mats yet either, and I wanted to give the skirt texture, so I took a flower cutter and dented the fondant a bit. I then placed the dress on the cake. NOTE: Be careful - I should have waited for my husband to help in case I did not get this right, or the fondant would have been ruined with butter-cream....if you're just starting, get someone to help you place the fondant. I also did not center the fondant on the ruffles, and my skirt is not straight, but hey - I'm still learning.

I then used a flower cutter and stuck them around her waist, and made details with fondant. The flowers are also fondant with rolled fondant balls. I pipped butter-cream dots and buttons the back)on the dress.

Hope this helps.. I know I am babbling, but I am also learning, and have learned a lot from people like me sharing their techniques, the least I can do is help Michelle build her website, since I get all the praise when I use her yummy recipes!

From the editor:

Thanks so much for sharing Lucie. You're right when you say that the more we all share, the more we all learn.

To all my lovely readers - don't forget to stop back and share YOUR cakes with us.


Michelle (editor)

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