Need a gorgeous purse cake?

Every little girl (or big girl, for that matter) will love this super cute Purse Cake.

purse cake

I can't think of one girl, of any age, that wouldn't adore this fabulous edible fashion accessory for her next party.

And don't forget Mom. What a great Mother's Day cake.

Although there's lots of steps, none of them are difficult, so just follow along and in no time, you'll be admiring your beautiful finished purse cake.

Throw an elegant tea party to show off your beautiful centerpiece. All you need are a few great co-ordinating party supplies.

techniques used

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what you'll need:

With just some very simple ingredients and equipment, you'll have a completed Purse Cake in no time:

here's how to do it...

You'll be amazed how quickly this Purse Cake comes together.

cut round cake in half and stand on its' side

1. Bake your cakes using your favorite recipe. Tort and fill the cakes, then cut in half to form two semi-circles and stick to your cake board.

Crumb coat the cake and refrigerate for at least an hour, preferably overnight.

top coat purse cake in buttercream

2. Top coat the purse cake with buttercream that's been tinted green with Electric Green Gel Paste food color.

Refrigerate the cake for about an hour, to firm up the buttercream.

add stitching lines to quilted purse cake detail

3. Draw a diamond quilting pattern all over the purse with a straight edge and a toothpick, then use a fondant Cutter/embosser wheel to add a line of stitching down both sides of each of the lines that form the diamond pattern.

continue adding quilting detail all over purse cake

4. Complete the front and back of the purse before matcing the lines across the top of the cake. Finish with the stitching detail, as for the front and back.

roll ut fondant snd cut long strips

5. Roll out a golf ball sized piece of modeling chocolate until it's about 15" x 3" in size. Use a straight edge and a pizza cutter to cut 14" x 3/4" strips. These will used to trim the purse.

add trim detail around bottom edge of purse cake

6. Dip a small artists' brush in vodka (or other clear alchohol) and dab off the excess on a paper towel. Paint the back of one strip of chocolate and, starting at a corner, position it along the bottom edge of the cake. One srip should reach half way around the cake. Repeat with a second strip of chocolate, to finish.

cut paper towel to fit and use as template

7. Lay a paper towel over the top of the purse, making sure it's centered. Trim the front and back of the flap, until you're happy with the size and shape. This will be your template for cutting the modeling chocolate.

lay paper towel on fondant ant cut around purse flap

8. Roll out a fist size piece of modeling chocolate to about 1/8" thick. Lay the template over the chocolate and use a pizza cutter to cut around the purse flap.

add stitching detail to purse flap

9. Run a line of stitching around the edge of the purse flap.

position flap and press gently to secure

10. Brush the back of the flap with vodka (as in step 6) and gently position on the cake. Smooth out any wrinkles or excess with your fingers.

add monogram detail

11. To create a monogram to the purse flap, cut a small circle of modeling chocolate and add stitching around the edge. Use a stamp or a toothpick to emboss an initial on the tag.

string handle beads one at a time

12. Cut a piece of medium gage florist wire about 16" long. Roll out several 1" balls of chocolate and thread on to the wire.

poke wire ends of handle into purse to secure

13. Insert the purse handle on top of the cake.

finish edges of purse with fondant piping

14. Roll out two long sausages of chocolate, about 16" long and 1/2" thick. Trim the end neatly and paint one brush one side with vodka. Position the trim along the curved edges of the purse. Trim the end to length wih a pair if scissors

paint monogram lettering

15. Use a small artist brush to trace over the monogram initial with magneta petal dust mixed with a little vodka.

Use a pair of tweezers to place an edible pearl where the lines cross on each diamond.

cut out and paint scarf

16. Roll out a mandarin size piece of chocolate to a 1/8" thick sqare and trim the corners on one end to a rounded shape. This will be the scarf.

Paint one side of the scarf and let it dry.

place scarf on purse

17. Gently fold the the scarf and drape it around the purse handle. Secure the scarf by brushing the back with a little vodka.

add flower detail to purse cake

18. Roll out a small piece of chocolate to 1/8" thick and cut two different sizes of petals, using different sized flower cutters. Paint them pink, securethe smaller one on top  of the larger one and position on the cake. Finish with three edible pearls for the flowere center.

Your Purse Cake is done!

Don't forget to take lots of pictures so you can come back here and show off your purse cake.

how to host the perfect fashion princess party

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