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spiderman cake

This Spiderman Cake will have your guests wondering how on earth your cake defies gravity like that without collapsing.

Rice Krispie play dough is the tasty secret behind this Spiderman Birthday Cake trickery. Who knew cereal could be this much fun!

With just a few simple ingredients and these step-by-step directions you’ll be amazing yourself in no time.

You'll be a super hero when this inspired character cake spins a web of wonderment at your next party.

You need a 10” round cake and an 8” round cake for this Spiderman Cake project.

And don't forget to pick up some great, co-ordinating party supplies

ingredients for the perfect Spiderman Cake

first steps to a successful Spiderman Cake

this Spiderman Cake needs a head

Spiderman Cake assembly

You're done! Now go get a well deserved cup of coffee and sit back for a few minutes to admire your handiwork. Remember to take a picture while your masterpiece still looks perfect.

let's throw a Spiderman party

Got the perfect Spiderman Cake? Check. Now all you need for a memorable party is some fun, co-ordinating party supplies.

You can find everything you need right here. Check it out:

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