need a great spongebob cake?

You'll be sitting pretty with this amazing Spongebob Cake as the star of your next birthday party.

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? If you don't know it's Spongebob Squarepants, then you probably don't have any five-year-olds in your house!

Since you're here, I'm assuming you have munchkins that know and love this strange little spongy guy.

Bump your 'coolness factor' way up with your kids by whipping this great 3D cake out at their next birthday.

If you can bake a 1/4 sheet cake and roll out some candies, you can make this novelty birthday cake.

techniques used

cake decorating ideas - kids birthday cakes - spongebob cake

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what you'll need:

cake decorating ideas - kids birthday cakes - spongebob cake

here's how to do it...

cake decorating ideas - kids birthday cakes - spongebob cake

spongebob cake - step 1

1. Bake two 9" x 13" cakes using your favorite recipe and cool completely. Cut each cake into thirds, cutting across the width of the cake, so now you have six rectangular layers.

Place one of the layers on a cake round, secure with buttercream and trim the cardboard to fit the cake exactly. Add filling, stack another layer on top, add filling and stack a third layer on top. Crumb coat this small cake.

Repeat with remaining three layers, so that now you have two small cakes.

Place one of the small cakes on a large cake board or plate and secure with a generous amount of buttercream. Trim 4-6 wood or plastic dowels to size and insert into the cake, spaced evenly around the cake, to support the weight of the top tier.

Place the remaining small cake, which will be the top tier, on top of the bottom tier and secure with a generous amount of buttercream. Smooth buttercream over the join between tiers and refrigerate the whole cake overnight (or, at a minimum, a few hours) until the filling and crumb coat have firmed up.

Now that the filling and crumb coating have had time to settle and firm, you can add a top coat of yellow buttercream. Allow the top coat to firm in the refrigerator for at least an hour.

spongebob cake - step 2

cake decorating ideas - kids birthday cakes - spongebob cake

2. After the buttercream has firmed up, use a plain paper towel to smooth the frosting (Viva brand or smimlar, so long as it has no printed or textured pattern). Just place the paper towel and gently rub your hand in a circular motion to smooth out any creases, wrinkles etc. Move the towel and repeat, changing the towel as necessary, for a near-perfect finish.

spongebob cake - step 3

cake decorating ideas - kids birthday cakes - spongebob cake

3. For the shorts, knead six brown taffies together and roll in to a long rectangle, at least 3" wide and 12" long. Use a ruler and a pizza cutter to cut a rectangle 2" wide and as long as the width of your cake.

Repeat kneading, rolling and cutting until you have all four pieces cut for Spongebob's shorts. Measure the cake before cutting each time. You want the pieces to fit as precisely as possible.

To secure the taffy pieces, just position along the bottom edge of the cake, with the sides matching and push gently. The buttercream will hold them inplace.

spongebob cake - step 4

cake decorating ideas - kids birthday cakes - spongebob cake

4. For the collar, knead 5-6 white taffies together and roll out into a long thin strip. Cut full length 1" wide ribbons from the taffy and wrap them around the cake, butted up to the shorts so there's no gap. There will have to be some joins in the white taffy - make sure you place these on the sides or back of the cake, where no-one will notice.

spongebob cake - step 5

5. Cut out two triangles of white taffy, about 1" long on the sides, and attach to the collar, centered and about 1" apart.

for the belt, cut 12 to 14 small rectangles from black taffy (about 1 1/2" long x 1/2" wide). Place two on each side of the cake and four or five across the front and the back.

spongebob cake - step 6

cake decorating ideas - kids birthday cakes - spongebob cake

6. Roll out one red taffy and cut a shape like a short, squat diamond sitting on an elongated diamond, for the tie. Make it about 3" long.

Attach to the shirt, in between the collar points.

spongebob cake - step 7

7. Knead three white taffies together, roll out to about 1/8" thick and use a small can or cookie cutter to cut two 3" diameter circles, for the eyes. Overlap the eyes by about 1/2" and attach them 4" down from the top edge of the cake, centered.

Knead three black taffies together and roll out to 1/8" thick. Use a small, sharp knife to cut a 3 1/2" diamteter semi circle with a tail on one side, for the mouth.

Take two red taffies, rolled out thin, and cut a small shape like a pair of lips, for the tongue. Fit this into the curve of the bottom of the mouth and push gently to secure.

Just using your hands, turn up the corners of the mouth into a smile and place into position about 2" under the eyes.

spongebob cake - step 8

cake decorating ideas - kids birthday cakes - spongebob cake

8. Roll out one blue and one black taffy to about 1/8" thick and use the wide end of a cake decorating tip to cut two blue and two black circles.

Use the roller to enlarge the blue circles just a little and place a black circle on top of each. Push down a little to join them.

Roll out one white taffy to about 1/8" thick and cut two small rectangles for teeth. Place them in the top of the mouth and push down a little to secure.

Use the handle of a paintbrush, or whatever you have on hand, to poke a hole in the cake where the nose will go. Make the hole at an upward angle so the nose will sit up when it's inserted.

spongebob cake - step 9

cake decorating ideas - kids birthday cakes - spongebob cake

9. Roll two yellow taffies together into a 3/4" thick sausage shape, about 2 1/2" long. Make one end taper to a point.

Push the pointed end into the hole in the cake, until only about 1 to 1 1/2" is showing.

spongebob cake - step 10

cake decorating ideas - kids birthday cakes - spongebob cake

10. Take one and a half white taffies and mold them together into a cone shape with a flat top, to form a shirt sleeve. Repeat for the other sleeve.

Roll out a 5" long x 1/2" thick sausage of yellow taffy (start with 3 taffies together). Flatten one end of the sausage and use a small, sharp knife to make four cuts in the end of the flattened area, for fingers.

Gently push the arms and shirt sleeves together to join them. Set the arms aside while you make the legs.

spongebob cake - step 11

cake decorating ideas - kids birthday cakes - spongebob cake

11. Make Spongebob's shorts by rolling and molding two brown taffies together in to a cone shape and flattening the top. Repeat for the other leg of the shorts.

To make the legs, roll out two sausages of yellow taffy about 4" long and 1/2" thick. To make the socks, roll out 2 white taffies to about 1/8" thick and cut each into a small rectangle about 1" x 2 1/2". For each shoe, mold one black taffy into a teardrop shape and flatten the narrower end to form the back of the shoe.

Wrap the white taffy 'sock' around the bottom of the leg and gently push the sock covered end of the leg onto the top of the shoe.

Attach the legs to the shorts by gently pushing together.

spongebob cake - step 12

cake decorating ideas - kids birthday cakes - spongebob cake

12. To make the coral, roll out one blue taffy into a long, skinny sausage and lay out a squiggly, flower shape roughly on some wax paper. Move the taffy around until you're happy with how it looks and press the ends togther to finish. Set it aside while you finish decorating the cake board.

Sprinkle lots of brown sugar 'sand' around Spongebob then attach the legs, one each in line with the collar points of his shirt and the arms, one to each side of the body.

Lift the coral gently into place with a small spatula, placing it randomly on the sand around Spongebob.

spongebob cake - step 13

13. Use the back of two different sized, round, measuring spoons to make the 'sponge' indentations on spongebob's body.

Your Spongebob Cake is done! Now go take some birthday cake pictures of your own and show them off here.

how to host the perfect spongebob party

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