taking the cake out of the pan

by Tammie
(Hollister, NC)

When you dump the cake out of the pan, do you leave it like that to frost or do you flip the cake back over to frost it? Usually, when I bake a cake the top (when it first comes out of the oven) is rounded. Therefore, if I dump it out it doesn't sit flat on the surface. How do I fix this problem?

Also, I am doing a cake for a graduation. The picture of the cake that the girl brought me, the cake was done in fondant. She doesn't want her cake in fondant, she wants buttercream. The cake has polka dots and stripes also made out of fondant and some of the polka dots are layered.(ex: big brown circle with small pink circle on top). Also, the top layer looks like a small round cake with a square piece of fondant lying on top with a tassel attached to the top. There is also a rolled diploma on the top made from fondant. I was thinking about doing the decorations from chocolate. Do you have any ideas on how I could do the graduation hat, tassel and diploma using the chocolate technique. Also, will it work if I paint the chocolate on was paper and use a circle cookie cutter to make the polka dots and then attach them with buttercream. I guess I'm afraid the decorations are not gonna stay in place. Please help me!!!!

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May 11, 2009
Graduation Cap
by: Michelle (admin)

Hi Tammie,

To level a cake, I always flip it out of the pan to cool, then flip it over again and slice off any doming that has occurred during baking. When you add the cake layers, always place the cut side down so you'll get a nicer finish.

You could certainly make the graduation cap from chocolate, but an easier option is to roll out store-bought or homemade sugar cookie dough, cut it to shape and bake just as you would for cookies. It's easy to handle and you can get any shape you want. So, you could make a 4" round or 6" round cake for the base of the cap and use the cookie dough for the mortar board on top. Frost with royal icing tinted to match your color scheme. Make the tassel from fruit leather or licorice and you're good to go.

Michelle (editor)

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