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Cast a magical spell over your next party with this spectacular Tinkerbell Cake.

tinkerbell cake

Your little Tinkerbell fan will be

"just thinking of happy things, her heart will fly on wings, forever, in Never Never Land"

when this fabulous Tinkerbell Cake magically appears at her birthday party!

While this cake looks amazing, it's not difficult make. You only need to know a couple of simple techniques, which I'll walk you through, and in no time you'll be admiring your own 'fairy dust' masterpiece.

techniques used

cake decorating ideas - kids birthday cakes - tinkerbell cake

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what you'll need:

cake decorating ideas - kids birthday cakes - tinkerbell cake

here's how to do it...

cake decorating ideas - kids birthday cakes - tinkerbell cake

tinkerbell cake - step 1

1. Bake two 6" round cakes using your favorite recipe and cool completely. Tort each cake into thirds so that you have six layers.

Place one of the layers on a 6" cake round and secure with buttercream. Add filling, stack another layer on top, add filling and stack a third layer on top. Crumb coat this small cake.

Repeat with remaining three layers, so that now you have two small cakes.

Place one of the small cakes on a large cake board or plate and secure with a generous amount of buttercream. Trim 4-6 wood or plastic dowels to size and insert into the cake, spaced evenly around the cake, to support the weight of the top tier.

Place the remaining small cake, which will be the top tier, on top of the bottom tier and secure with a generous amount of buttercream. Smooth buttercream over the join between tiers and refrigerate the whole cake overnight (or, at a minimum, a few hours) until the filling and crumb coat have firmed up.

Make up two shades of green buttercream (about 1 cup of deep green and about 2 cups of lighter green). Apply a band of the darker green around the bottom 2" of the cake and a lighther green going up the sides of the cake, then blending slightly when you smooth the buttercream with your spatula. Continue the lighter green across the top of the cake.

Don't worry about trying to get perfectly smooth buttercream. Most of it will be covered with other details.

Allow the top coat to firm in the refrigerator for at least an hour.

tinkerbell cake - step 2

cake decorating ideas - kids birthday cakes - tinkerbell cake

2. Make about 2 cups of brown buttercream by mixing in cocoa powder until you get a shade of brown you like. With a #12 round tip and the chocolate buttercream, pipe an un-even number of tall and short stems for the sunflower forest, adding three downward-facing loops to each, for the calyx.

tinkerbell cake - step 3

cake decorating ideas - kids birthday cakes - tinkerbell cake

3. For the sunflower centers, pipe three circles of beads of buttercream, nested together. Pipe the beads so that the flower's center is just touching the calyx. Use the #12 tip for this.

tinkerbell cake - step 4

cake decorating ideas - kids birthday cakes - tinkerbell cake

4. Make about 70 x 3" long sunflower petals using the paint and peel technique for one color chocolate decorations.

tinkerbell cake - step 5

5. Use the chocolate piping technique to make several tinkerbell silhouettes, about 2" high. Do an image search for "tinkerbell silhouette" to find suitable iages to use as templates.

tinkerbell cake - step 7

6. Use a small serrated knife to make two rows of cuts around each sunflower center, with 3-5 in the top row and 2-3 in the bottom row. Push the knife in at a slight upward-facing angle while making the top row of cuts, so that when the petals are inserted, they sit up.

Very gently push one petal into each of the cuts you made. The top row of petals should angle upwards a little and the bottom row should sit flat. Stagger the cuts in each row so that the petals overlap a little from row to row.

tinkerbell cake - step 8

cake decorating ideas - kids birthday cakes - tinkerbell cake

7. Very gently place the tinkerbell silhouettes randomly on some of the sunflower centers, securing with a little buttercream.

tinkerbell cake - step 9

cake decorating ideas - kids birthday cakes - tinkerbell cake

8. Sprinkle brown sugar all around the base of the cake to add a great finishing detail.

You're done! Now go take some birthday cake pictures of your own and show them off here.

how to host the perfect tinkerbell party

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