tinting frosting

by Tammie

How do I get a black, burgundy and navy blue frosting if I'm using white buttercream?

I don't want to use too much coloring and have the frosting taste nasty, but black usually comes out gray, burgundy usually comes out red and navy blue usually comes out light blue.

Also, how can I make silver and gold frosting? I haven't seen silver or gold coloring, only shimmer dust.

Thanks for your help.

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Feb 24, 2011
Painting on Buttercream
by: Anonymous

Can you paint on butter cream? Client wants a silver cake. Can i spray a (Duff's) silver paint over the iced cake and it look good? Or can you dry brush on Wilton's silver pearl dust? One tier needs to be leopard print. Can I paint straight Wilton color spots on the butter cream iced cake and it not smear? Will it take long for the paste color to dry?

Dec 17, 2010
by: Anonymous

I've used clear imitation vanilla in place of vodka.

Oct 31, 2009
Vodka Alternative
by: Anonymous

Is there a Vodka alternative if we don't/won't buy alcoholic beverages? Thanks!

May 26, 2009
Coloring Frosting
by: Michelle (admin)

Hi Tammie,

For black, start with chocolate frosting. Then you only have to add a small amount of black color (use "super black" gel or paste color).

Burgundy is tricky - you need about 1 part "Red Red" paste or gel color to 2-3 parts royal blue. This will have an after-taste so try not to use for an all over color. Good for accents.

Navy blue - use "Royal Blue" paste or gel color and mix until you have a very dark blue, then add a tiny amount of black. Also not a great all over color, due to the possibility of an after-taste.

Silver and gold cannot be mixed, per se, but if you use a buttercream that sets firm or 'crusts', you can use the metallic luster dusts (mix with a tiny amount of vodka). Just paint them on the areas you want to make silver or gold.

Michelle (editor)

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