why dont you refrigerate decorations made out of fondant?

I want to make my decorations in advance but why cant they be refrigerated? Does it matter?

From the editor:

The reason you shouldn't store fondant in the refrigerator is that when you remove it from the fridge, you'll often end up with condensation spots on the surface of the fondant.

Allow your decorations to dry and then store loosely covered t room temperature, for up to a month.


Michelle (editor)

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Because you can reuse them for a long time. You can really keep them in the fridge for months and they will not go bad.

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May 13, 2012
Fondant creatures NEW
by: Nauz

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Aug 11, 2011
They don't have to be refridgerated
by: Lucie Bérubé

I have stored fondant cakes in the fridge when it's SUPER hot, but I cover loosely with plastic wrap so there is no condensation like Michelle says. Beware of making the decorations too soon in advance, I made a tractor cake and wasn't thinking - they dried and my cake was round, so I wasn't able to bend it to follow the cake and it broke.

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